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I’ve been doing bits and bobs on music for about 10 years-still learning, still insufficient knowledge!

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Mindframe: ‘punk is definitely still a positive force’

‘My view is that punk is still alive and well, you just need to find it. From a woman’s perspective, like I said, I think it is one of the better environments to play in.’

Madame So; War on Conformity

As an artist, I do not feel the need to brand myself as a feminist or a punk or a riot grrrl, really: I make music for people to listen to if they are so inclined-full stop, without the need to justify myself for it.

ROAR: Benefit Gig For Women’s Refuge. 28/4/17 The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich.

Wondering how to respond to structural (and other) misogyny ROAR, in an attitude of solidarity (with victims of violence), resistance (to oppression) and celebration (of equality), has got together four ferocious, danceable female fronted punk bands plus solo artists to raise money for local Women’s Refuge, Leeway.

IDLES: Social Realism – Commentary as Resistance.

‘As a kid you’re often baffled by hatred, by why people are angry at foreigners, then you start to understand how the media, the Tory government are intertwined and into fear mongering, putting poor people in a corner blaming them for things’.

Meinhof, ‘a mix of punk, metal and a mountain slide’!

“Well, I guess, the reality bites you each and every single day, so how could you possibly  be emotionless, unconcerned and bored?!”

Loud Women Volume One

Twenty one tracks that are varied, intelligent & feminist. Every track on this album is at least good and evidence that grassroots rock is in a very healthy state.

Kill Bitches To Dress Foxes; Life, Politics, Punk

To start with DIY and punk go together, at least from our point of view

Radioactive Rats Live at The Sumac Centre, Nottingham And Interview

I have been extremely excited by what I’ve seen and heard of Radioactive Rats online for a few months but up till the start of December hadn’t been able to see them live so when I saw they were playing the legendary Sumac Centre in Nottingham it seemed like an ideal opportunity.

Petrol Girls – Talk of Violence

Live they are ferocious, articulate, angry and confrontational – somehow they’ve managed to translate that into this album. Faultless.

Bec Jevons from IDestroy

IDestroy’s debut EP ‘Vanity Loves Me’ has been described as ‘true punk EP’, ‘raw and powerful’, with Punktastic calling the title track a ‘short, sharp slab of garage-rock glory’. Tim Foster chats to Bec Jevons to find out more.

Interview: Lucinda Livingstone from Kamikaze Girls

Kamikaze Girls stated aim is to challenge attitudes towards mental health, to stand in solidarity with other young people struggling with those issues and, if that’s not enough, to work with other bands to eradicate gender stereotypes in music. With a mission statement like that and music to match I was always going to be asking if an interview was possible-fortunately it was! By Tim Forster

Interview: Bel and Jade from DOLLS

DOLLS are a two piece comprised of singer/guitarist Jade Ellins and drummer Belinda Conde, they formed DOLLS in 2014 and have three excellent tracks up on Soundcloud, double A-side single ‘Audrey’ and ‘Kid Kannibal’ plus ‘Killing Time’. Despite my frustrating tardiness they were kind enough to agree to an interview. By Tim Forster

Interview: The Franklys

One of the stand out bands at this month’s Loud Women Festival in London, and I hadn’t previously heard of them, were The Franklys. Described by Shindig! Magazine as…’classic old school rock…riotous girl rebellion…frankly something you should be getting yourself some of’. Despite the awful pun they’re right, so I contacted the band for an interview! By Tim Forster

Interview: Shannon O’Neill from Sister Ghost

Citing influences that include Cocteau Twins, Fugazi and The Smiths, Sister Ghost from Derry and Belfast in NI create music that has been described as having “echoes of Sonic Youth, early nineties discord stuff…classic indie rock with no mucking about.” Tim Forster contacted song writer and vocalist Shannon O’Neill to find out more about Sister Ghost, her experiences fronting a band and the music scene in Northern Ireland.

Interview: Shawna From War On Women

Confrontational, at times literally in your face, feminist polemicists War on Women are a hardcore punk sonic assault on sexism. Their lyrics incisively expose and challenge the multi faceted, many layered cultural, political and economic oppression, inequality and harassment experienced by women. Before their recent Norwich gig Shawna kindly took time out to discuss music, feminism and, well, pretty much everything really!. By Tim Forster

Interview: Ajay Saggar from King Champion Sounds

You know when you hear a track for the first time and it’s completely exciting and intriguing? Well that’s happened to me in 2013 when I first heard ‘Here We Go Again’ off Different Drummer by King Champion Sounds. This September they release their third album To Awake In That Heaven Of Freedom and that seemed a great reason for Tim Foster to ask founder Ajay Saggar for an interview!

Interview: In Evil Hour

Tim Foster had a fascinating in depth chat about DIY Punk and politics with hardcore band In Evil Hour.

Interview | Sam & Mat from Teeth Of The Sea

We realised that in all the years we’ve been following and supporting Teeth Of The Sea we had never interviewed them. Fortunately Tim Foster has fixed that crass oversight on our part and had a fascinating chat with Sam and Mat from the band.

G.L.O.S.S. – Trans Day Of Revenge

Girls Living Outside Society’s Shit are important, articulate, ferocious, encouraging . If you doubted that punk could still be a vehicle for the voice of the oppressed, the marginalised, if you doubted it could still be a rallying call and a point of resistance and hope then listen to Trans Day Of Revenge and doubt no more! By Tim Foster

Interview: Ren Aldridge from Petrol Girls

Petrol Girls is a post-hardcore band fuelled by feminist convictions, left politics and righteous anger who have an integrity backing up their words. Tim Foster caught up with lead singer Ren Aldridge to find out more.

Interview: Valentina Magaletti from The Oscillation & Tomaga

Drummer and multi-instrumentalists Valentina Magaletti is possibly best known as both the drummer of psych band The Oscillation and for her work with Tom Relleen as experimental band Tomaga. Valentina was also the drummer on Blackest Ever Black releases; Raime and Moin, has recorded with Shit and Shine and is drummer with new London band Vanishing Twin. Highly rated by fellow musicians she took time out from a hectic schedule to kindly give Tim Foster an interview

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