Leila Abdul-Rauf from Vastum

J. Donovan Malley caught up with Vastum guitarist and vocalist Leila Abdul-Rauf to discover more about the new record ‘Inward to Gethsemane’, a new member, the creative process, and more.

Abaddon from Venom and Abaddon UK

Venom’s drummer Anthony “Abaddon” Bray recently started a Venom tribute band called Abaddon UK. Gavin Brown had the pleasure of catching up with him to talk about his present with Abaddon UK, and his past and hopefully future with Venom.

Piotr Zin from Dopelord

Gavin Brown caught up with Dopelord bass player Piotr Zin to hear all about the new record ‘Songs For Satan’, riffs, drugs and Satan.

CC McKenna from Death Dealer Union

Gavin Brown caught up with Death Dealer Union drummer CC McKenna to talk about their latest album Initiation, how the band got together with their new lineup and how the visual representation is important for the band.

N. Jameson from Krieg

Gavin Brown caught up with Krieg vocalist N. Jameson to hear all about new album Ruiner and the return of Krieg as well as discussing US black metal, split releases and Krieg live shows.

Abi Vasquez and Ollie Jones from Underdark

Gavin Brown caught up with Underdark to hear all about their new album and also discuss various other topics including cover songs, their Nottingham hometown and some of their favourite music from this year.

Demian Johnston from Great Falls

Gavin Brown caught up with Great Falls vocalist/guitarist Demian Johnston, to discuss Objects Without Pain, their debut album on Neurot Recordings, and more.

Maria-Christina Harper from Harper Trio

Tim Forster talks with Maria-Christina Harper, founder of the experimental Harper Trio, and discuses spiritual and psych jazz, the advantages of intrumental only music, and their new album, Passing By.

Jeff Janiak, Stig C. Miller and JP Parsons from False Fed

Gavin Brown caught up with some of the False Fed members, to chat about how they got together and to get an insight into their album Let Them Eat Fake and what the band have planned next.

John Hoffman from STOMACH and Weekend Nachos

Gavin Brown caught up with John Hoffman to talk about the formation of STOMACH and their crushing debut album Parasite and return of Weekend Nachos and more.

Dylan Desmond from Pyrkagion and Bell Witch

Gavin Brown caught up with Dylan Desmond to talk about Pyrkagion, black metal, making music in multiple bands and how the recent Bell Witch UK tour and new album have been received.

Mari Boine

Joe Norman had the pleasure of speaking with Norwegian Sámi singer Mari Boine ahead of the release of her sixteenth album Amame on By Norse Music and her forthcoming Norwegian tour.

Void from Ershetu

David Bowes spoke to Void of Ershetu to discuss their unique blend of cinematic black metal and Mayan ritual.

Tommy Victor from Prong

Gavin Brown caught up with Prong vocalist/guitarist Tommy Victor to hear all about their new album State Of Emergency and all things Prong as well as how the Danzig shows are going.

Willow Ryan from Body Void

Gavin Brown caught up with Body Void’s Willow Ryan to talk about their new album Atrocity Machine and its themes and sound and their other band Hellish Form.

Eugene S. Robinson

Oxbow’s Eugene S. Robinson is shortly going to release his memoir A Walk Across Dirty Water And Straight Into Murderers Row. Gavin Brown had a chat with Eugene to find out more.



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