The Echoes And Dust Writers Poll Album of 2012 – Harbour Of Devils by What The Blood Revealed.

To be fair, the vote was so close this year that a vote either way could have meant top spot for any of the MONO, Godspeed or Trail of Dead albums but the very fact that this debut album from Scottish four piece What The Blood Revealed is being mentioned in such lofty company tells you all you need to know really.


It is a monumental slab of post metal, while referencing the likes of ISIS, Red Sparowes, Neurosis, and Mogwai it also manages to keep it’s own, strong, identity.

When he originally reviewed it for us earlier in the year, Jake Gillen said:

“WTBR’s music flows, gets me in a groove. So far, I have listened to ‘Harbour of Devils’ over 20 times front-to-back and have not once turned it off or skipped tracks. Each song on the record is unique enough and interesting, yet all blend together well enough, like a great symphony, to be almost seamlessly listenable. This kind of flow is not easy to accomplish, and for the listener (me) is often not easy to find short of custom playlists.”

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