Exoplanets by The Vomiting Dinosaurs

Release date: January 6, 2017
Label: Grimoire Records

The Vomiting Dinosaurs have released their newest EP Exoplanets on Grimoire Records recently. With a music description of punk-infused thrashy death I knew I had to check it out.

There’s a loose sci-fi/space theme throughout this EP and is conveyed through the brilliant photo taken by NASA with the bands logo added to the corner (as per press pack, all the “space stuff” is copyrighted by NASA).

>Heading straight in with the “space stuff”, Exoplanets starts with ‘Earth’, which is a calm sci-fi sounding atmospheric opening track I think lifted straight from NASAs sound files. This leads you into a false sense of security before first song ‘Circumbinary’ starts with its down tuned thrash riff to kick the EP off with a bang. This song perfectly demonstrates the bands sound with a mix of thrash rhythms, punishing riffs and crushing blast beats throughout. the reverb soaked vocals remind me of early Suffocation. ‘Circumbinary’ definitely seemed like a good choice as an album opener as some of the riffs have been stuck in my head for days!

Next track ‘Desert’ starts off with a mid paced riff that wears the punk influences on its sleeve, but makes sure there’s still room for some blasts here and there before the end section comes in that I found hard not to move my head along too. ‘Ice Giant’ sounds as monstrous as the name implies and is a short punishing high tempo song before a quick reprieve of space stuff with ‘Ganymede’. This breaks up the intensity before the EP continues full throttle with ‘Iron (Fe)’ that will be sure to get your blood pumping and demonstrates some perfectly executed drum fills by drummer Wyatt.

Next track ‘Waterworld’ is the first single that streamed over at Toilet of Hell. This song is an intense 91 second lesson of The Mariners hardship and ends excellently with the films iconic phrase “nothing’s free in Waterworld”. This is another highlight of the EP and can see why this was released as the first single.

‘Lava Planet’ is the longest song on the EP clocking in at just over 4 minutes. This gives the band the chance to embellish and add a bit of variety to the riffs, but found that this caused the song to just feel a bit dragged out in comparison to the rest of the EP that is just straight forward and hard hitting.

Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a planet? Well sit back and clear your mind as last song ‘Jupiter’ will show you with more space sounds until the last 20 seconds and the wealth of knowledge is shared with the lyrics ”I am so big…”

Exoplanets was recorded in a beer fuelled Saturday and the rough and ready production only further enhances the overall tone of the EP giving it a live feel but can sound sloppy at times. The vocals are ever so slightly too low and can get lost in the mix.

Overall, I’d say this is a great EP and the band remind you that music is supposed to be fun and never taking themselves too seriously. With catchy riffs throughout, Exoplanets is a short, hard hitting and straight to the point release that deserves repeated listens and have you thrashing about in no time.

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