Interview: Together PANGEA

Together PANGEA are a foursome of garage punk rockers keen to party hard and extend the fun beyond their loyal Los Angeles community. Having dropped their latest album Bulls and Roosters at the end of the summer, the band are currently touring the US and Europe. I managed to catch up with Danny from the band about the new release and life in the Together PANGEA van.

(((o))): Hi Together PANGEA! Thanks for answering questions for us. How are you guys right now?

TP: We are doin’ good! Currently on tour in the US.

(((o))): Congratulations on Bulls and Roosters! I think it’s an exceptional album. How do you think it varies from your previous records and projects?

TP: Thank you! It sounds pretty different from our other releases. It’s a lot cleaner quality wise and a little mellower.

(((o))): I read that the name Bulls and Roosters was inspired by a painting and I was wondering if any of you guys are part time artists or art enthusiasts outside of music?

TP: I (Danny) went to CalArts for fine art. I have a bachelor’s in fine art. Yeah certainly still an enthusiast.

(((o))): Are there any musicians that you were particularly inspired by while making the record?

TP: Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, the Clash, and the Rolling Stones.

(((o))): Danny – I read you did some of the writing on Bulls and Roosters – is this a new venture that we could see more of in the future?

TP: Probably, as of now yes that’s my plan!

(((o))): I enjoyed your new music videos for the singles from the album. How did you come up with the concepts for them? Or was it mainly down to the directors?

TP: We pretty much give total creative control to whoever is making the video once we sign off on their idea.

(((o))): I know you are about to hit the road for a North American and European tour, I’m hoping to catch you in London. What can I expect from a typical Together PANGEA show?

TP: It will probably be hot.

(((o))): Do you guys take anything special with you when you’re on the touring road?

TP: Not anymore, maybe just FIFA or NBA2k.

(((o))): Are there any bands you’re into at the moment that you’ll like us to check out?

TP: Definitely No Parents, and Daddy Issues.

(((o))): Finally what can we expect for the future of Together PANGEA?

TP: More music. We’re working on new stuff as we speak!

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