Living In Leeds by Thick Syrup

Release date: February 23, 2018
Label: Gringo Records

Psych is oozing out of Leeds! Thick Syrup are the latest heavy hot drip on the brain. They release their new album Living In Leeds on cult Nottingham label, Gringo Records, who have worked with Leeds psych success story Hookworms in the past. The band craft a medley of 60s garage rock, fun garage punk and harder more slicker forms of rock.

‘Jennifer’ kicks the album off steadily with sharp buzzy guitars and drums barrages which build up in passages and are smothered evenly with sweet garage punk vocals from the female lead. ‘Heavy Syrup’ really kicks things into gear with a big bass grove and psycho breakdowns offering shrieking riffs and vocals to match all while the organ rattles manically around in your brain.

‘Magic Carpet’ showcases some individual instrumentation talent shining through with nice drum solos and further demonstration of vocal depth. On ‘Boiling Point’ bouncing drums and frothing guitars stir with distortion and some more manic yelps and sinister vocals creep in. ‘Grave Robber’ adds some pace and is as haunting and frantic as the title suggests. The spinning hooks really claw at you and we see yet another enthralling and grueling vocal performance. ‘Lady Anne Arise’ takes an interesting detour into an expansive stoner esque closer which turns into a strange mishmash of the bands influences. The song turns into a loose jam like form at the end and leaves a confusing aftertaste.

It is great to see new psych coming from so close to home and Leeds really does seem to be the place for it at the moment. The album art work is an deserted brutalist photograph of a building in sepia with the shadows making the structure look like it’s covered in a nice gradient of syrup. Thick Syrup should focus on pushing the breakdowns and psych heavy elements of their music for future projects. Catch the band in Nottingham at JT Soar on 17th March.

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