Spinning by High Priests

Release date: March 23, 2018
Label: Triple Eye Industries

If I didn’t tell you High Priests are from Chicago, you’d probably guess correctly anyhow. The shadow of Midwestern noise-rock looms large over the galloping maelstrom of Spinning. And while accusations of Jesus Lizard worship may be rightly leveled against the trio, we’re not talking about blatant plagiarism here. Where The Jesus Lizard was sinister and slithery, High Priests are violent and bludgeoning — and covered with a layer of grime and filth. Listening feels like walking in bare feet on a kitchen floor that hasn’t been washed all winter.

The songs are underpinned by an absolutely monstrous bass tone. Moored to that anchor are skittery and abrasive guitar shards and hoarse, strident shouts. Here again a comparison to their spiritual forebears may prove illustrative: if David Yow was your creepy, alcoholic uncle slurring his way through an unsavory story, Mikey Alesi is your strung-out friend, on the edge of break down, explaining how unfair the world is. There’s no relief from the relentless lecture — no moment to catch your breath. You endure the imposition knowing that there must be a grain of truth in there. Somewhere in the distance a machine shop clatters and groans with jury-rigged parts. And then it’s over. Highly recommended.

Listen to the title track ‘Spinning’ exclusively here:


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