Russell Emerson Hall

Webgeek/noisemaker from Madison WI USA.

Articles by Russell Emerson Hall

High Priests – Spinning (Review + Exclusive Track Stream)

While accusations of Jesus Lizard worship may be rightly leveled against the trio, we’re not talking about blatant plagiarism here. Where The Jesus Lizard was sinister and slithery, High Priests are violent and bludgeoning.

Chavez – Cockfighters

They were jittery, raw, abrasive, awkward and difficult despite the sublime melodies and hooks buried under all the squall. Their influence reverberated throughout the underground rock landscape, informing a host of adventurous, noisy, arty not-quite-metal/not-quite-indie bands. Now, two decades after their last record, they appear to be picking up right where they left off.

Au Champ Des Morts – Dans La Joie (Review + Album Stream)

Au Champ Des Morts may have not succeeded in pushing black metal into entirely uncharted territory, but they’ve produced a unique and truly majestic post-black metal record.

E – E

This is a mesmerizing record, at once familiar and strange — a worthy entry in the cannon of innovative guitar rock.

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