London promoters Wrongpop & Chaos Theory have teamed up for a one-off special event to raise money to help buy supplies for Brixton and Norwood food banks. Whilst volunteering at the warehouse, Steve Wrongpop noticed that the supplies going out to the food banks weren’t being matched by the donations coming in and wanted to involve the amazing DIY community to help out.

Having spent several months in hospital in 2014/15, Steve also found out that many of the nurses pulling fifteen-hour shifts were also using the food banks as a means to get by. Kunal, from Chaos Theory, was only too keen to get involved in this event. So on Saturday, August 25th at The Black Heart in Camden, they bring you three of the best underground acts with their excellent sounds to give the public an awesome night of phenomenal music in exchange for a small donation towards the cause.

Treasure of Woe (Stoner and psychedelic jams), Carl White (experimental Rock Duo) and Apocalypse jazz Unit (psycho improvisers of jazz) have very kindly donated their time to this cause and will be bringing their A game for you lucky people! Treasure of Woe have also donated all pre-order sales of their EP ‘Giver/Taker’ (and physical sales at the gig) to the cause.

Entry is £5.00, tickets are available at:

See you at the front!

For more information, check out the following links:


Chaos Theory

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