Cease To Exist by Noisem

Release date: March 15, 2019
Label: 20 Buck Spin

It’s been five long years since Noisem last graced us with an album, and bar one single and some line-up changes, it’s been pretty quiet on their front since then. They are now back, renewed, refreshed and ready to spit their venom at anyone who dares to stand in their way with their third full length, Cease To Exist.

It’s quite difficult to get very in depth about this release, as the ten songs only stick around for just over twenty minutes, but what is here is very high quality. Where grind albums always find a way of ramping up the intensity, they often lack much in the way of depth. This album however, manages to throw in both by the truckload. There are a few tracks on here, most notably ‘Downer Hound’, where Noisem show their quality as songwriters. They fit in so many different moods into one short track (with its 2:29 running time its long by their standards but it’s still not exactly an epic). It’s special in the way it lulls you in at the beginning and spits you out at the end. Bruising stuff.

Musically, there is a healthy influence of Heartwork era Carcass and recent Napalm Death, which is backed up by the production, and it really works well. There is a nice clarity to the mix, but it never sounds too polished or overdone. The fact that they have followed up their previous effort so well, in spite of the fact that the band lost three of their five members and only recruited one since ‘Blossoming Decay’. This new streamlined line up have really focussed on what they want, and the results are really good.

For all the fierceness on this record, it never threatens to lose control. Everything is kept within enough parameters to really hold it together as one solid piece of work, rather than a random collection of short shouty songs (which despite my deep love of grindcore, a lot of it is exactly that). This is a genre which often suffers from poor production, and it shows that when you have tunes that are this good, you should maybe show them off. It gives the songs a whole new life, and should easily bring them a fair amount of new fans. Bar the new Napalm album, which is due at some point this year, this one is going to be difficult to top.

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