Kompromat by 10000 Russos

Release date: November 7, 2019
Label: Fuzz Club Records

Last heard demolishing souls and crushing them into little tiny pieces on along with Radar Men From The Moon, 10000 Russos move on from their collaborative effort with RMFTM back to a more industrialised motorik sound on new album Kompromat. An album steeped in the history of teutonic sound, the Portuguese band seek to extrapolate the darkness from the incessant noise of daily grind, and deliver it in a master-class of thumping fuzz fuelled energy. Indeed, this may be the closest they have come yet to matching the intensity of their live show.

On the surface, each track sounds like it is a continuous thud of sound, grinding against the wheels of industry as it careens across the very rhythms of your soul. Jerky, malevolent and downright dirty, you only need to hear a track such as the explosive ‘Quite a Charade’ to understand just what all the fuss is about this band. Balancing a distorted throb against a nuanced undergrowth of creeping melodies, the subterfuge at the heart of this band is that whilst they may seem evil, they are actually rather playful and want to be friends.

OK, they’re just noisy bastards, and lets face it, that’s why we love them. That they can also be noisy but beautiful at the same time makes them all the more special and on that very same song just mentioned, the hedonistic close could come from any tranced out dance-floor, picking out wide-eyed trippers amongst its strobe-filled glare.

The stark brutalism at play on this album, including the rather striking album cover, shows a band unafraid to allow a political stance to seep through everything they do. The screech of ‘The People’ conjures up images of the politicised march of everyday life, as the downtrodden are beaten and bruised, whilst the ever increasing march of capitalism bludgeons you down into submission. Of course, this could all be in the listeners imagination and they may be just writing songs about flowers, but somehow you doubt it.

More than anything, 10000 Russos make you feel alive and if that’s not worth the price of admission then you need to ask yourself serious questions. It’s thinking peoples music for those who want their thoughts delivered in a haze of white noise and rhythm, but its also music for those who feel the need to dance, and dance you will, to the never-ending end of life. Who needs happy clappy music to feed your emotions when stark, brutal noise fulfils those needs much more substantially. Join them, psych comrades, in the ever growing dance of noise. Top grade fuzz from a class act.

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