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East London-based singer-songwriter Yvonne McDonnell is set to release a new single, ‘Keep Me Pure’, on February 7th. Today we have the pleasure of premiering it ahead of its release. Yvonne continues to captivate listeners with her dreamlike yet powerful voice with this new offering. The instrumentation on this track floats along with Yvonne’s voice in equal intensity, furthering the meditative quality of its execution.  

‘Keep Me Pure’ reflects on “a society so focused on image, materialism and complacency it forgets how fragile life is, making it hard to live how we really want to. The song is about trying to stay authentic and true to ourselves, despite it being easier to conform and remain almost comfortably dissatisfied.” To quote Yvonne…”This song is so different to the idea I had in my head when I first wrote it, as it was my first time experimenting with so many harmonies and different instrumentation. I feel I have made exactly the type of music I set out to create and can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Listen to this beautiful track just below.

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