Maud the Moth was founded in 2010, as the solo project of Amaya López-Carromero, a Madrid born pianist, singer and songwriter who spent most of her childhood and teenage years studying classical music, writing stories and recording music demos on the family twin cassette deck. Naturally evolving from what has been a life-long motivation, Maud the moth serves as Amaya’s personal alter ego; a conduit for her personal life experiences, and draws on a wide-ranging musical background, including traditional folk, jazz, classical, avant-garde and rock. Her third full length album Orphnē was released during the summer of 2020) to excellent reviews.

Keeping up her creative spirits during the Covid lockdown, Amaya moved to Germany for a while and focussed on a new project: The Bedroom Sessions. Our featured video, ‘Siphonophores’ marks the the third instalment of the cycle.

As Amaya explains, “Despite not taking place in a bedroom, it follows the nomadic spirit that got this series started in the first place. . . This was recorded in the rehearsal space for healthy living (a parallel music project), in Dresden, featuring the holy grail of vocal reverbs: THIS CORRIDOR.”


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