Newcastle’s fabulous Twist Helix are back with their eagerly anticipated second album, Machinery, on Friday (20th Nov). We were huge fans of their debut Ouseburn around these parts, so we are very excited for the new record.

Based on a raw, emotive cultural dissection, the three-piece alt-pop group switch between English and Spanish in one of the most infectious and diverse albums of the year. Since Ouseburn, Twist Helix has developed and mastered an unmistakeable sound. Both original and innovative, Bea Garcia, Matthew Barron and James Walker destroy genre boundaries and blend eras of music with ease. Fusing 80s synth work, distinctive vocal hooks, arena-sized melodies and a driving indie disco rhythm section, Machinery has an unbelievably exciting formula, but no two songs are the same.

On creating their second record, Twist Helix added:

Machinery is everything that we wanted to say about our experience as a band; The way the industry works and how it contributes to the wider culture. It’s the most political release we’ve made, but also the most personal. We’ve finally found our voice.”

Ahead of the album’s release we’ve got a sneak preview for you in the shape of ‘Ghost’, a sharp take on the subject of gender imbalance in the music industry; a subject very close to our hearts.

Get this in your ears:

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