S/T by Blurry The Explorer

Release date: June 18, 2021
Label: Self-Released

What do we mean when we label a musician/artist as experimental? In most cases, we refer to their music/art that explores the boundaries of a specific musical/artistic genre and sees where it takes them. But what bout when you take in and try to make a puzzle out of as many genres as you can possibly do in one go?

That is when we encounter somebody like ‘the experimental composer, drummer, photographer, and world-traveler Jeremy Gustin,’ and his crew of collaborators that include diverse guitarist Ryan Dugre, bassist Ricardo Dias Gomes (who played with Caetano Veloso, among others), and another great guitarist in Leo Abrams. Also a full cast of collaborators who work or have worked for a diverse musical cast that includes Brian Eno, Sufjan Stevens, and others. Along with the fact that Eno and the likes of Tenniscoats appear throughout the album.


The result is the self-titled project that goes under the name of Blurry The Explorer. And the name couldn’t be more blurry, or shall we say precisely. Because the blurriness Gustin and his crew refer to has nothing to do with imprecise musicianship but with the blurring of any musical borders they decide to cross here. And they certainly do some diligent musical exploration. But, without sitting on any pedestal of ‘high culture’ but of using elements that most potential listeners are familiar with and still coming up with something new and off the beaten track.

The opener ‘Limited By Jelly’ featuring Kallbells’ Kalmia Traver is like Stereolab going deeper into their Krautrock roots. ‘Historia da sua vida’ is Caetano Veloso gone electronic and ‘Teşekkürler’ expands on the golden age of Turkish rock. With the word expands taken in very literal terms. And that is only the first three tracks here.

So, can Blurry The Explorer blur and explore a little bit more, please?

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