Lucid Express by Lucid Express

Release date: July 16, 2021
Label: Kanine Records

Lucid Express is a Hong Kong five piece formerly known as Thud. They came together as teens in the winter of 2014 just before the Umbrella Movement, a series of pro-democracy protests against state suppression in their region. The impact of these ugly times led to the beautiful music you hear now.

As vocalist/synth player, Kim, says “at that time it felt like we have a need to hold on to something  more beautiful than before. Like close friendships, the band, our creation.” I think their updated moniker is better suited to their particular brand of dreamgazing goodness. It is airy and cleanly produced, and though the vocals hide a bit behind hazy musical passages, eventually the sun comes out and the light bends around the flowery notes that mask the singer. Blossoms fill the air and it’s all sweet and wonderful. Truly, this album makes me happy in a world fraught with darkness and chaos.

Opener ‘North Acton’ is shiny and bright, the perfect opener to this gorgeous record. ‘Hotel 65’ veers into heavier shoegaze that is still so atmospheric you will continue swooning to these blissful beats.

’Ado’ ushers in a bit of MBV, at least at its onset. It is sweet and memorable, with deeply echoing vocals. ‘Sore’ is trippier psych pop, sending your ears into the heart of space. ‘No Talk’ swoops into Slowdive territory, and offers graceful tendrils of delicately rendered dream pop.

The aptly named ‘Aquarium’ floats along gently and draws you into its oceanic embrace. And the final ‘Ride the Night’ ends this beautiful release on a very high note. Well worth checking out for all shoegaze and dream pop fans.

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