Corpsegrinder by Corpsegrinder

Release date: February 25, 2022
Label: Perseverance Media Group

Cannibal Corpse vocalist George Gisher aka Corpsegrinder has been the formidable voice of the band since joining in 1996 for the Vile album and over those twenty six years, he has slayed crowds the world over and dominated his way through another ten brutal Cannibal Corpse albums with last year’s brilliant Violence Unimagined. Following that album, Fisher has widened his output with his first album under the Corpsegrinder name.

From the get go, it is clear that Corpsegrinder takes no prisoners as usual and as he joins forces with the brilliant Erik Rutan (who has produced numerous Cannibal Corpse albums as well as being their latest guitar player). On album opener ‘Acid Vat’ pure metal nirvana is unleashed with Corpsegrinder’s powerful vocals and Rutan’s trademark guitar sound all present and correct. With Rutan guesting in the album opener and his history both past and present with Cannibal Corpse, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is going to be a Cannibal Corpse soundalike record but you would also be extremely far away from the truth.

‘Acid Vat’ along with the rest of the songs on the album have their own sound, from the groove and riffs all the way through to the vocals and with them, it sounds as though Corpsegrinder is equally at home on these songs.

Joining Fisher on Corpsegrinder are Dee Snider and Toxic Holocaust’s Charlie Bellmore, who handles both guitars and bass, and drummer Nick Bellmore (who play in Dee Snider’s band and were formerly known from Toxic Holocaust). The duo ably handle the music for Fisher to go berserk over. Add to this a pristine production from Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta alongside Nick Bellmore and you’ve got a recipe for metal success.

Tracks like ‘All Souls Get Torn’, ‘Death Is The Only Key’, ‘Devourer Of Souls’ and ‘Defined By Demise’ are all full on metal anthems that won’t fail to get you head banging and you can just imagine Fisher going full on as he belts out the songs.

It is good to hear Corpsegrinder over a different style of music too and while there are definitely death metal elements on this record, there are also thrash and even some hardcore elements on there too and the results are deathly enjoyable to listen to.

Corpsegrinder is a great album and hopefully this won’t be the last solo album from Fisher and alongside more Cannibal Corpse albums, you can’t tire of and can’t get enough of listening to one of the finest vocalists in extreme metal history, especially when he sounds as gloriously brutal as he does here.

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