June Mc Doom by June Mc Doom

Release date: October 28, 2022
Label: Self-Released

For many listeners, singer-songwriters are dime-a-dozen these days (again). Usually, the main complaint with them is that there are too many of them out there that exploit the same lyrical themes and/or they limit themselves musically to an introspective style and a single acoustic instrument.

This could often be the reason many miss emerging new artists that might be introspective with their lyrics but are both very inclined to take new paths, both in that contemplative search as well as new musical avenues.


The above is quite a good reason not to skip June McDoom’s self-titled 5-song EP, which does precisely that, presenting an introspective, personal search through lyrics and combining it with some intriguing musical explorations that have more to do with current trends in trip-hop and its combination with other musical genres.

McDoom, who is of Jamaican background, has moved from Florida to New York and that mix of different backgrounds has obviously had a distinctive influence on her tendency to search and explore and not limit herself to any musical formulas.

The result is some truly intriguing music, enforced by McDoom’s languid vocals and strong songwriting that all go beyond just a promise.

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