Acid Disorder by Giöbia

Release date: April 28, 2023
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds

Giöbia has been constructing a series of interesting sonic wall tapestries for a decade now. Acid Disorder is their sixth album revealing a detailed whirlpool of psychedelic acid rock. The Italian band braids influences of genre forefathers like Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles and Amon Düül II with a modern psychedelic approach into a timeless sounding piece of absorbing music.

The quartet captures the listener in a cosmic vortex with an album consisting of eight songs drenched in electronic effects, floaty vocals and immersive guitarwork. The spacy reverbs provoke an altered state of consciousness that flirts with a trance-like state of impaired depth, time and space perceptions. The foreign accents of vocalists Bazu and Melissa furnish together with the use of certain ethnic instruments, vintage organs and synthesisers into addictive and exotic moods.

The musicians Bazu (vocals, guitars), Detrji (bas), Melissa (synths, vocals) and Pietro (drums) deliver a refined and fascinating piece of music with dreamy and otherworldly atmospheres. Acid Disorder confirms with no doubt Giöbia’s reputation as one of Europe’s most interesting psychedelic rock bands at this moment. The Italian band releases a highly recommended psychedelic soundtrack that makes you trip into a wide diversity of colourful sound landscapes. This pure and sorely addictive ear candy is also available in several vinyl editions on the Heavy Psych Sounds Bandcamp page. Grab this one while you still can.

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