Spells by O’o

Release date: May 5, 2023
Label: Infine Music

Doing experimental music mainly based on vocals is not only incredibly hard but quite complex and tricky, particularly if it is supposed to go beyond just being an experiment but also something that can actually be enjoyed while listened to.

That is exactly the intention behind the music created by the duo that goes under the name of O’o and their latest (second) mini album with the apt title of Spells.

The duo splits tasks – Mathieu Daubigné composes the music, while Victoria Suter provides multi-layered and sometimes electronically modified vocals, often backed by subtle electronics to create an intricate musical web of, well, spells.


Yes, it is quite complex and experimental, but with the intention not simply to dazzle and show the musical and vocals skills of the duo, but to actually be something that can be quite melodic and listenable at the same time.

The extra quality lies in the fact that all of the six tracks here were mainly recorded in Victoria’s living room in Barcelona, where the duo resides, but actually have the quality that some other artists would have coming up in a fully-fledged studio.

Definitely, something to delve into while waiting for their upcoming full-length album coming in the summer of 2023.

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