God Is Here by Wujod

Release date: July 6, 2023
Label: Self-Released

What is music? An age-old question, and one without a neat answer that more than three people can agree upon. Certain genres revel in pushing the boundaries of what most would consider even listenable, let alone enjoyable. Here Wujod joins the debate with the first album released under this moniker, God Is Here, unleashing a dark and terrifying ride through the industrial, distorted end of the drone spectrum to see quite how far they can take it.

Gargantuan guitar chords held for an eternity swirl around thumping metallic pulses, buzzing waves fading in and out of consciousness, the noise stretching on without any discernible harmony or rhythm. The result is an epic wall of sound that pulls the listener helplessly in. Right from the opening crash of ‘Thought’, this is an assault on the senses, a battering that never lets up. The effects Wujod uses ensures that the record becomes all-consuming, a massive cacophony that leaves no room for anything else: the music is all that exists now.

It is only really the final track ‘Annihilation In Fate’ that feels like it drags on too long, the idea not evolving enough to warrant its running time as it dips beyond enthralling and into tedious in the second half. Besides that, God Is Here is a wonderfully crafted study in oppressive drone, a truly black space into which one can sink blissfully and obliterate emotion, thought, feeling…

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