Memento Mori by Marduk

Release date: September 1, 2023
Label: Century Media Records

The Swedish black metal band Marduk has since their appearance with their controversially titled demo tape Fuck Me Jesus in 1991 never made any compromises. Marduk’s unswerving commitment to blasphemy and extreme black metal music is still so alive on their newest album Memento Mori. The band is continuously showing an ongoing interesting musical evolution without ignoring their roots or legacy.

Memento Mori (their 15th studio album) shows again that typical Marduk sound with belligerent and warlike guitar riffs, poisonous growls and a machine gun-like destructive rhythm section. The erupting moods of darkness, agony and despair on Memento Mori utter interesting atmospheric elements. Daniel Rostén uses some more experimental orientated vocal inputs and lets us hear his most evil sounding voice ever on ‘Shovel Beats Sceptre’.


Marduk’s highly intensive style becomes in a certain way more complex than in their previous albums. The more we consume Memento Mori’s mean outbursts, the more captivating the (slight) new turn of the band becomes. We receive all kinds of fascinating sinister elements between the raging high speed song structures. Marduk doesn’t lose any control during the unleashed sound tsunamis, they hardly hit the breaks, instead of that they increase diversity and add dramatic parts to the songs. An intro or outro are the only moments to take a breath during this hell pounding and usurping black metal album.

On the last track of the album Marduk reveals its new musical path for real. ‘As We Are’ is a slower but powerful song with bombastic drums, darkened synth parts and more melodic guitar sounds. Next to Rostén furious growls, clean voices appear unexpectedly in the most experimental track Marduk has ever put on an album. The band released two videos (‘Blood Of The Funeral’ and ‘Shovel Beats Sceptre’) to promote this astounding piece of black metal music. Former bass player Devo Andersson is not mentioned in the promo videos but seems to be back in the band replacing Joel Lindholm. After more than thirty years of action Marduk sounds still surprisingly and innovatively destructive.

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