A Host For All Kinds of Life by Green-Life

Release date: October 13, 2023
Label: Leaving Records

Green-House, a project started by electronic artist/composer Olive Ardizoni didn’t get its name only by chance, as since the project’s inception back in 2020 Ardizoni has been tackling environmental issues, including the pandemic through her music.

Now, Green-House has officially become a duo that includes Michael Flanagan, with the duo releasing A Host For All Kinds of Life, their latest ‘eco-ambient’ project as it is dubbed.

Ardizoni and Flanagan tackle here the concept of “solastalgia”, – the longing and distress experienced by individuals as a response to environmental change/degradation. Or, as they explain, a catch-all term for the pervasive sense that the world as we know it is far from well, and only growing less so.


While by the description of this concept and term you might expect some harsh and dark sounds, Green-House takes a reverse route – with gentle and quite soothing ambiances they seem to try and describe all the beauties that we are consciously or unconsciously destroying.

As they explain it, they made a conscious decision to not only choose joy as an act of rebellion but to find that joy in whatever plant life they could access in their immediate environment.

And yes, this Greenhouse concept of tackling environmental adversity with beauty works here.

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