Ghosts by Hania Rani

Release date: October 6, 2023
Label: Gondwana Records

Polish artist Hania Rani has already been making a name for herself with her two previous albums (Esja and Home), particularly with other artists with similar inclinations, so much so, that her latest release Ghosts is full of collaborations, or artistic ghosts, if you will.

Here, Rani is joined by Patrick Watson, Ólafur Arnalds, Portico Quartet’s Duncan Bellamy, and Polish colleague, bassist, and Moog player Ziemowit Klimek.

With a varied collaborative cast, there is a varied set of musical elements present, but at all points, they are led and directed by Rani, whose songwriting style and ethereal vocals are always at the forefront here.


Musically, the accent is more on the melodic, pop, and rock-inclined themes, while the lyrical set has some dark, overcast shadows. exploring themes of death, ghosts, the thin membrane between sleep and wake, life and death.

Both the music and lyrics here are partly inspired by Rani’s time as an artist in residence in a former sanatorium in Switzerland.

With the ongoing dark elements of the album, instead of drowning the music and the album itself, Rani cloaks them with enough melodicism and left-field experimental actually bring in optimistic elements that permeate the music here, making Ghost quite an engaging listening experience.

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