Candela by Svdestada

Release date: January 5, 2024
Label: Long Legs Long Arms Records/Shove Records

Genre tags can be a funny old game, Spanish four piece Svdestada seem to be linked to crust in amongst blackened post-hardcore and screamo. With second album Candela the band has added more weight to the blackened areas and almost no contact with the crust side of hardore. This aligns the music more with bands such as Storm{o} than Morrow but over the seven tracks of ferocity and urgency such mute points cease to matter.

The similarity to Storm{o} appears in the lyrical delivery. Vocalist and lyricist, credited as Mario C, has an insane ability to sculpt and deliver a barrage of Spanish words in a breath taking display. It very much fits the urgency of classic European screamo but the musical bed is of a blackened hardcore sound. In comparison to debut album Yo soy el mar, Candela is 100 mph faster and sits beautifully on the Shove records roster.

In amongst all the rapid drumming and racing lyrics and riffs there is plenty of dynamism to make it memorable. The opening segment of ‘Efímero’ is tremendously catchy and breaks up from the faster starts of ‘Nudo’ and ‘Amargor’. The album starts to open up in the second half with ‘Hilonegro’ adding expensive guitar after a Birds In Row-esq opening tone. Here drummer Eder de la Cámara continues at pace but divides his attention to the full kit to join the rest of the members in their switches between atmosphere and battering.

The urgency is summed up by six of the album’s tracks taking only 21 minutes but closer ‘Candela’ goes for nearly 12 minutes on its own. Much like ‘Hilonegro’ there is a generous mix of the screamo styled pace with blackened post-hardcore which expands and contracts to a pacy finish. It really sums up Candela beautifully. It has energy and passion to get the blood pumping, it has hooks to catch the focus and it is insatiably catchy.

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