How Lost by The Fauns

Release date: January 19, 2024
Label: Invada Records

I don’t recall hearing Bristol band The Fauns before this review, but I was instantly won over by the dark wave beats of ‘Mixtape Days’. I love the hushed vocals and cinematic rush of the music. Singer Alison Garner reminds me of a number of other singers who use a similar vocal technique. It is mysterious and gorgeous. More like this, please! ‘Shake Your Hair’ offers a modern take on disco with a trippy backdrop. ‘How Lost’ is billowing dream pop, and while the hand claps are distracting, I really dig the vibe on this one.

‘Afterburner’ is atmospheric trip hop and is very pretty and grand on the musical backdrop. ‘Doot Doot’ is blissful and it soars with Alison’s cooing vocals and a lovely musical tapestry. The minimalist percussion works quite well here. This band could be writing soundtrack music if they wanted to, given what I am hearing here. ’Dark Discotheque’ is a nice switch in style. Symphonic disco, anyone? Alison’s sultry vocal turn fits the musical framework, and I am transported back to the 90s. ‘Spacewreck’ is an extended piece that may transport you to other realities.

It is striking post-rock and could hint at future directions in their sound. A fitting end to an extremely pleasant release. Recommended for dream pop, dark wave, post-rock, and symphonic music fans.

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