Speak Moment by Dave Harrington, Max Jaffe, Patrick Shiroishi

Release date: March 8, 2024
Label: AKP Recordings

Doing an improvised music session in a single afternoon and on a first-ever such meeting and then releasing it as an album can only go two ways – it could be thoroughly intriguing and exciting or it could be a completely chaotic, unlistenable shambles.

Luckily for Dave Harrington, Max Jaffe, and Patrick Shiroishi, the result came in as a former possibility on their first joint release Speak Moment.

Yet, when you check out what either of the three artists involved did beforehand and the quality of music they have created, it should come as no big surprise.

The opening track has an apt, all-descriptive title, not just for itself but the whole album – “Staring Into The Imagination”. It is not just the knowledge and experience that is in play here, but an obvious synchronicity that was created between the three musicians here.

Genre-wise, it moves practically everywhere from touches of spiritual jazz to ambient country and elsewhere, anywhere where the trio ‘stared into the imagination’.

Even for such acclaimed and experienced artists it is an achievement to do it all in a single afternoon, improvised session that covers such a wide musical ground.

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