The Compartmentalization of Decay by Kira McSpice

Release date: April 12, 2024
Label: Self-Released

The Compartmentalization of Decay as an album title should be a solid indicator of the dark overtones Kira McSpice presents within her music on this album, but first of all, what is she talking about here?

It all comes from the process of “the compartmentalization of decay in trees,” plant pathologist and biologist Alex L. Shigo writes: “Animals heal, but trees compartmentalize. They endure a lifetime of injury and infection by setting boundaries that resist the spread of the invading microorganisms.”

Actually, McSpice connects, both musically and lyrically this natural process to her personal traumatic experiences and transforms them into a set of darkly over-toned psych-folk songs, dominated by her quite remarkable voice and some detailed left-field arrangements that go beyond just a voice and one or a set of acoustic instruments.


Connecting even further with processes in nature, there is a sort of a natural progression through the twelve songs here, McSpice doesn’t hold back in expressing both her visions and emotions, all resulting in a set of very engaging compositions that tend to evoke the same within the listeners too.

Sure, McSpice’s music here is covered in dark colours but it is dark colours that can shed light both on her music and within listeners too.

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