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“We could have been a really good stadium band. It would have not been any good for the personalities in the band – it would have driven us all absolutely insane I would have thought. Any level of success would have made us worse people in my opinion. We could have been really good at it though. It didn’t happen and that’s that – it is what it is. It’s not a good or bad thing, just a thing. I would have liked to have made that second record though. There’s nothing wrong with being unknown, with being anonymous, it’s what almost everyone is – but try telling that to an arrogant idiot in his early twenties. . .”
Michael J Hall, Nebraska

Articles by Charlie Gardner

Featured Video: ’20HZ’ – Andert Tysma remix • Directed by Gala Mirissa

Andert Tysma Originally released on the R&S Records sub-label Global Cuts in 1993, ‘20HZ’ by Capricorn became the breakthrough track for its creatorHans Weekhout, a Dutch multi-instrumentalist who starte …

Exclusive Video Premiere: Omnibadger – ‘But What I Want Is Not The Most Important Thing Right Now’

The Most Important Thing is that you watch this video. . . right now!

Track Premiere: Ian Nyquist – Black Earth Cairn ‘IX’

There is a dread that never rests – a lament which lies deep in the barren rock valleys and moorlands of the Wicklow Mountains. Lost in the dark, in unrelenting wind and rain. Ian Nyquist is a Dublin based composer and producer whose work is distinctly …

Video Premiere: Mouth – ‘Stampede’

Photo: Manuel Estrada Mouth from Cologne switch from the prog label Tonzonen to This Charming Man with their fourth album Getaway – and what a mad trip the three of them throw in here. At 22 minutes, the title track almost bursts the duration of a …

Exclusive Video Premieres: Maud the Moth and trajedesaliva – ‘Perdí Pie’ • ‘Jardincito de rosa y tierra’

Exclusive two-part premiere. A fantastical fusion of surrealist scenes and soundscapes from three of Spain’s greatest ambient artists and their forthcoming album, Bordando el manto terrestre.

Exclusive Album Premiere: Rival Cults – Indoctrination

Photo: Talia Burkett Helvey Santa Barbara’s RIVAL CULTS are here, peddling their distinctly west-coast brand of energized gothic rock, and bringing back the rock ‘n’ roll that has somehow been forgotten in this era’s dark rock movement.   After ye …

Exclusive Track Premiere: Object as Subject – ‘Conjuring’

Paris Hurley’s poetic punk and post-rock ritual, a cri de coeur for freedom taken from her forthcoming album, HERETIC, via Lost Future Records.

Exclusive Album Premiere: Orsak:Oslo – In Irons

Photo: David Holmqvist Orsak:Oslo is one of those hidden gems, always grinding, always perfecting the imperfections. They have been lurking around the underground for years, steadily pawing their way with their mellow, laidback, but yet intense groove. …

Exclusive Video Premiere: Ky – The Dancer

Photo: Stacey Lee   KY SHARES NEW TRACK & VIDEO FOR ‘THE DANCER’ FROM POWER IS THE PHARMACY THE DEBUT ALBUM BY KY Ky is the new ‘solo’ project of Ky Brooks, best known as vocalist and lyricist of noise-punk trio Lungbutter and a slew of other …

The Road to Roadburn: Under The Influence with Rachel Davies from Esben and the Witch

On the eve of a perfromance at the Roadburn Festival, Rachel Davies from Esben and the Witch chooses three records that have greatly influenced the band’s new album, Hold Sacred.

Interview and Exclusive Album Premiere: Steve Strode – Cruel Nature Records

More underground than the Newcastle Metro, Toon’s Cruel Nature Records is now a ten-year-old. Kindness personified, their founder, Steve Strode, tells us about his passion for sonic diversity and Spectrum, his 23-track curation celebration to raise money for charity, which we premiere exclusively.

CNR Prem Landing Page only

Spectrum by Various Artists

Exclusive Video Premiere: Perrache – ‘Song with C in D’

In the season of birth and rebirth, Stuttgart ambient/electronic artist Perrache (Joachim Henn) gives life to a unique project with ‘Song with C in D’, a composition inspired by the heartbeat of his (at the time) unborn daughter. The extraordinary vide …

Exclusive Video Premiere: Battle Tapes – ‘One Night in Burbank’

Acclaimed Los Angeles-based Battle Tapes craft electronic rock that blends 80’s electronica and darkwave with the poppiest and most accessible of what Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails have to offer. Formed in 2010, the band cite Depeche Mode, Massive A …

Exclusive Track Premiere: Tir – The Mists of the Eternal Meadow

Australia-based solo project Tir (Oytun Bektaş) is set to release his fifth full-length album this coming April. Following on from 2021’s Persepolis and set for release under the dual banners of Brilliant Emperor Records (LP) and Orko Productions (CD/t …

Track Premiere: Lesotho – Crown of Echoes

Photo: Justin Cowley Boston, Massachusetts-based trio, LESOTHO presents their debut album, Through the Dying Light. Formed in the quarantine days of 2020, LESOTHO released their Summer Wars debut EP in 2021 which quickly cemented their place as an up-a …

Under the Influence with Hammock

The post-rock dreamgaze duo’s Marc Byrd choses the three records that have proved the greatest influence on their new album, Lost in the Void.

Under the Influence with Deathcrash

The rising London post-rockers pick four albums that have proved more than an influence on their new album, Less.

Video Premiere: The Eurosuite – ‘Cup of Water’

Human Worth are proud to present the killer new album from The Eurosuite, available to pre-order from 3 February with a portion of proceeds donated to charity. The Eurosuite consist of four lovely people who make disquieting no wave songs that will equ …

Under The Influence with Me Lost Me

Experimental folk singer-songwriter Jayne Dent (Me Lost Me) tells us about three records that have greatly influenced her music and her new album, RPG.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Hands Up Who Wants to Die – ‘Ludger Sylbaris’

Human Worth are proud to present the stunning new album from Irish foursome Hands Up Who Wants to Die, featuring members of Shifting, No Spill Blood and Wild Rocket, with a portion of proceeds donated to charity. And now, ‘Ludger Sylbaris’, the wild-ey …

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