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I got my first vinyl in around 1980/81 when my parents got me AC/DC’s If You Want Blood…You Got It and from that point music has scored many of the great and not so great landmarks in my life.  Around the age of 13 they then got me my first guitar and so the road to becoming a rockstar began  My first gig was Slayer which was a brutal intro to the live scene.  I played in the band BOB around 20 years ago around Northern Ireland (any recorded material is on Bandcamp under whoisbob if anyone is interested).  I live 25 miles from Belfast in Lurgan . So as you can probably guess the rockstar thing didn’t quite pan out for me however music both listening and playing has.  I have a beautiful wife and 2 amazing kids, I like reading, movies, comics, surfing and of course music and swapping obscure bands with my cousin Hawkie who has tuned me into some great stuff that floats under the radar.  I have also made a few music videos for mostly friends as I dable in 3d art and video/film. Favourite band is Jane’s Addiction and like anything quirky and partial to a bit of Drum N’ Bass.  Was becoming disillusioned with music lately as couldn’t really find anything good being released and reviewed in the majors, so when a good friend Geoff Topley (who knows his stuff) pointed me in the direction of the Echoes & Dust site, off I went.  Am I glad I did because some of the stuff I have heard is unreal and slays most of the material that gets released and championed by major labels and mags.  I am also grateful to Dan and Sander for allowing me a spot on the team, thanks guys.  You do good work!!

Articles by Gary Jackson

Fear Factory – Genexus

Music and various genres rise and fall and strong bands and genres also come back into fashion at some stage and with an album such as ‘Genexus’ this should bring Fear Factory back into the spotlight. – By Gary Jackson

Motherfucker – Confetti

Motherfucker are a serious force to be reckoned with. Hopefully they won’t be held back in any way cause from the name to the album these ladies rock. – By Gary Jackson

Dialects – Let The Kids Light These Lanterns

So all in all this is a really solid debut ep and hopefully you will give it sometime and don’t fall into the same trap that I almost did. Look over any sort of press comments and just put the damn thing on play and let yourself be the Judge and Jury. This is one ep you won’t regret listenin’ to. By Gary Jackson

The Melvins – Hold It In

Apart from 7 mins or so of the very last track this is a fresh sounding record with no airs or graces all done in the Melvins way. Buy it, spin it and enjoy it. You won’t regret it! – By Gary Jackson

HELLYEAH – Blood for Blood

This is a great heavy album that when listened to at volume gets the room, in fact, the whole building shaking to the beats. – By Gary Jackson

Interview: Wil Castel of Duck Explosion

Gary Jackson talks to Wil Castel of French rock band Duck Explosion about exploding plastic ducks and other things.

Duck Explosion – Zebra Pilot

Do not let the name fool you, just press play and you’ll see what a great EP this is. – By Gary Jackson

Death Angel – The Dream Calls For Blood

The Dream Calls For Blood, simply put is just a great album that proves that the guys still have it and in my eyes still deserve a top place in the league of thrash. – By Gary Jackson

Mojo Fury – The Difference Between

This album is some of the best shit I’ve heard all year. – By Gary Jackson

Deadstar – All My Friends Are Dreamers EP

I really enjoyed this EP and can’t wait to hear more, hopefully with a bigger drum sound. Inspiring stuff from the bedroom for your pleasure. By Gary Jackson

The Answer – New Horizon

The Answer have done themselves proud with New Horizon and I’m sure this will lift them up to the levels that they deserve. – By Gary Jackson

The Front Bottoms – Talon of the Hawk

If I like an album, I’ll tell you. If I really like an album I’ll tell you again. So consider yourself told and told again, but don’t just take my word for it, get the beautiful creation that is Talon of the Hawk, some of the songs will make you laugh and some will make you cry, but you really won’t be disappointed. By Gary Jackson

Young Fathers – Tape Two

Young Fathers are a band that I could imagine closing massive festivals with 80,000 people singing along to ‘Come To Life’. Tape Two is the finest thing to come out of Edinburgh since Trainspotting. By Gary Jackson

Tumbleweed Dealer – Tumbleweed Dealer

These guys deliver a powerful album loaded with great big slow heavy riffs all wrapped in a psychedelic jam packed goodness. – By Gary Jackson

Seneron – Order Restored

Seneron has potential, but they played a little bit too safe on this EP release. – By Gary Jackson

Those Amongst Us Are Wolves – Chaotic Love Stories and Irrational Behaviour

I recommend getting the earphones on and take a ride on the tube or bus through the city and watch people go about their daily routines with Chaotic Love Stories and Irrational Behaviour playing as the soundtrack it will definitely improve your journey and invoke and provoke your mind with a different ending movie every day and Those Amongst Us Are Wolves are required listening for this very reason. By Gary Jackson

Stonemasons – Angst & Spiders

All in all Angst & Spiders is a good 3 track EP from a great young band that deserves a listen and leaves me wanting to hear more. – By Gary Jackson.

Dirt Box Disco – PeopleMadeOfPaper

PeopleMadeOfPaper by Dirt Box Disco is an album that Billy Joe Armstrong wishes he could write instead of those “punk” opera type deals that he insists on spewing out for my granddad. – By Gary Jackson.

Face Down – The Long Lost Future

The first thing I noticed in the Press Release was “Stoner Thrash” and immediately I was intrigued by this oxymoron. One style is a slow groove and the other extreme speeds and manic riffing. So I was more than a little curious to see how Face Down who hail from Paris (well 4 of them do, with an Englishman from Spain on vocals) would pull this off on their debut album The Long Lost Future. By Gary Jackson

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