Under the Influence with Jasper den Hartigh (Holy Water)

Jasper den Hartigh chooses the records that have been the greatest influence on his new solo project, Holy Water.

10 Years of Art As Catharsis

In November 2022, Sydney based Art As Catharsis celebrated its 10 year anniversary. A by-word for innovative and experimental music that’s far from run-of-the-mill, Stuart Benjamin caught up with label owner and friend of E&D, Lachlan Dale for a look back.

Manuel Göttsching 1952-2022

He created these hypnotic effects on his instrument by taking listeners, not just on a stoner journey, but a surreal nightmare that is waiting for you.

Echoes of the Past: Charles Snider – The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock

Whether you agree with Snider or not, it’s his opinion that has honesty, and throughout his own personal choices that’ll make you want to dust off your old records from your personal library you hadn’t played for quite a while and put them on and slide a needle into the groove and use it as an alternate soundtrack to the Strawberry Bricks.

Under the Influence with Fågelle

Emerging out of the nordic experimental music scene, Fågelle is a wild collision of lyrical beauty and unhinged, raw expression. Ahead of her new album release next year we asked her about 3 releases that have influenced her a lot.

Under the Influence with John Yelland from Judicator

We talked to power metal band Judicator’s frontman John Yelland about 3 releases that have played a huge part in the making of their new album ‘The Majesty of Decay’.

Essential Logic: Logically Yours / Land of Kali

Tim Foster dives into the life and career of Lora Logic and Essential Logic.

Under the Influence with God Alone

Irish avant-garde mathrock band God Alone will release their new album ‘ETC’ through Prosthetic Records soon. Check out some of the band’s influences here…

Echoes of the Past: Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter – Face

This is their answer Godfrey Reggio’s Qatsi trilogy as they take us through various musical landscapes mixed in with a mapped out adventure that is the ride of a lifetime.

Echoes of the Past: Unreal City – Frammenti Notturni

The band’s third album is a gem of a kind of what they were doing in the lion’s den and returning with another holy grail from AMS Records.

Echoes of the Past: Stomu Yamashta – Seasons: The Island Albums 1972-1976

….it showcases one of the true composer’s to bring the sounds of classical, jazz, Asian music, avant-garde, and progressive rock in all of its glory.

Echoes of the Past: Anthony Phillips – The “Living Room” Concert

While this might be an introduction for the next generation to be a part of Anthony’s music, he gives listeners an insight on where he’s come from.

Under the Influence with Mike Sullivan from Russian Circles

Mike Sullivan from Chicago based post-rock/post-metal band Russian Circles talks to Echoes and Dust about 3 releases that have influenced him a lot.

Under the Influence with Funeral Chic

Ryan Lockheart from Funeral Chic talks to Echoes and Dust about 3 releases that have influenced him a lot.

Echoes of the Past: Rush – Moving Pictures (40th Anniversary)

40 years later, and we’re still talking about it. I have no words to describe what made Rush’s Moving Pictures one of their magnum opuses, but the band’s gravitation, craftsmanship, and the fellowship that Alex, Geddy, and Neil had with each other.

Under the Influence with Motherhood

New Brunswick’s Avant Punks share four records that have been major influences on their unique sound. . .



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