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By: Richard Collins Photo By: Gearoid Hayes

When our writer Richard Collins isn’t smashing out reviews for us, he spends some of his time putting on gigs with his mate Lins at a night called Cosmic Carnage. When he’s not doing that he can often be found talking complete bollocks, we have decided to capture some of this bollocks and call it the ‘Cosmic Roundup of 2015′. He’s caught up with shit loads of our favourite people from across the scene and we’ll be publishing one every day until we run out… like a brutal advent calendar! 

Anthony is a promoting god here in London town. He’s the fella behind Baba Yaga’s Hut which is a relentless blast of the most boundary pushing music from all over the planet and pretty much every London gig goer owes him a pint. This year saw the second Raw Power festival which was the most ridiculous event of all time, he’s very busy planning next year’s festival but we distracted him for a few minutes to find out what the fuck is happening… here’s the result.

CC: Hi Anthony, how are you?

AC: Yeah quite good, shows winding down for this year and getting cool stuff sorted for the next one!

CC: How many gigs did you put on this year?

AC: 53 it seems!

CC: Raw Power was possibly the best thing I’ve ever been to, you must have been dead chuffed with it all?

AC: Thanks a lot, really nice to hear that. 🙂 I was really REALLY chuffed actually. Thought was probably the best thing I’ve ever done musically.

CC: Can you bring back Circle soon please?

AC: I’ve been asking!

CC: The line up for next year looks awesome already, you got any more bands in your back pocket that you’re gagging to announce?

AC: Actually barely booked anyone apart from who is announced already! I’l give you an exclusive, Bonnacons of Doom are in there. (Ooh look an exclusive – Ed.)

CC: How is the music scene in London now compared to when you first started putting on gigs?

AC: Erm, well when I started there was a big Gothy Post-Punk and Garage-Punk thing which you don’t really see so much of right now. Things went a bit more electronic around 2009/10, lot more people into metal and obviously the big “Psych” thing. If that doesn’t all sound a bit wank.

CC: Not including Raw Power, what’s the best gig you put on in 2015? (Don’t cop out, only one please)

AC: The Acid Mothers Temple / Flamingods / Sly & the Family Drone show at The Dome in July was pretty amazing.

CC: What albums have you enjoyed in 2015?

AC: Tomaga, Teeth of the Sea, The Wharves, Gazelle Twin (think was 2015 actually!), Hey Colossus Black & Gold, Paradise Bangkok Molam Band, Roger Robinson & Disrupt, The Bug Angels & Devils, Liberez’s new one, Workin’ Men Noise Unit, Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld, Gnod’s triple album.

Okay that’l do although probably forgotten loads.

CC: What’s the best gig you attended in 2015?

AC: Ebo Taylor at Union Chapel, utter legend and amazing show.

CC: Best festival?

AC: Milhoes de Festa in Braga near Porto.

CC: What are you up to next year?

AC: More shows, more Raw Power, working on a festival in the Azores, trying to stay alive etc.

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