Clinomania by Wound

Release date: September 15, 2017
Label: Illuminated Paths

Wound’s Clinomania is perfect late night listening, recommended if you like stuff on Erased Tapes, Headphone Commute and/or Constellation Records.

A deep, slumberous roar of pads sails ‘In Everything’ onto the horizon. Distortion simmers atop the mix whilst croaking synths can be heard sub rosa. Everything grows closer and louder like thunder reaching a coast line. The track has an astoundingly awesome malevolence to it. Sinister and pernicious erupting until the very end. The unfurling at the end is captivatingly exotic; the manipulation of a sample and the change of tone are a pleasant surprise at the farthest reaches of the track.

The change in tone leads into a more Orb/KLF vibe in ‘4AM Ad Infinitum’, I presume the homage in the etymology of the title is obvious enough. The track’s pretty, reverberated guitars and soothing pads carry the listener away from the opening storm to a plain of serenity and relaxation. It feels like stargazing. Introspectively gazing out in wonder, searching through a gallery of dreams and memories and knowing that despite the unimaginable chaos within everything, there is also an equally limitless amount of possibility and hope in the ether of existence. Ambient music to me is like a drug, I wanna be sedated. All these little flutters and colliding atoms; embers in everything. It takes something special to take a roaring inferno and transform it into peace. That’s exactly what Wound achieve/s in this album.

‘What If’ takes ‘Clinomania’ further into the chill-out den. A title and an atmosphere, once again, evocative of the cosmic and the mysterious within the human experience. Deep sea life never seen before by human eyes. Bioluminescence and creatures with senses and talents inconceivable to the human brain. Mantis shrimps and tardigrades. Distant extraterrestrial life so far removed from that of our own, that even time could not provide us a middle ground. Though, there’s always mortality. Within the whispers of pads and the oceanic keys is a gestating idea, some cascading notion of a change of mood that slips in like a hallucination, realised with bass and percussion, then exhaled away with the wind.

With the breeze the album ascends from the sea floor into the sky in ‘I Don’t Want To Go’. The track’s gliding ambient pads soar and glimmer against a reverberated piano bed. The track flies high against the sun and erupts into a brief, noisy conclusion.

Out of the static, enters ’Rise With Me Forever Across The Silent Sand’, a crumpled piano trudges a solemn melody at the heart of the track. Glacial atmospherics and reverberant electronic entropy pads out the mix adding a light sense of disorientation or nausea. The transforming noise like a growing lump in the throat. Anxious distortion raising like a heartbeat. Attempts to return to the calm are bludgeoned by neuroses. An aggressive outburst of overdriven waves flows out of the track like a red sea of rage. The brooding builds to a fever pitch then slumps in despair. The solemn piano retires the atmosphere in an eclectic descent.

‘Keep It In’ plays on the glitchier elements of its predecessor firing out an IDM vibe through a chill-out room tour of ambience and psychedelia. It feels a bit distant and divided from the listener, maybe I’m just not fucked enough to appreciate it. I’ll definitely return to it though.

The album concludes with ‘Light Gets In’, this ten minute creeper definitely feels like a tour through some fiendish weekend arising here with the sun; you look at the clock to find it’s 7AM because it’s fucking winter and you’ve been getting destroyed for about twelve hours. The track is as dingy and unsettling as the 8AM walk home passed commuters and school kids and parents with prams. You can feel how grotesque you are but, worse, you can see how utterly wretched they think you are.

Clinomania is an album that lives up to its name; whether blissfully killing a Sunday chilling bed, totally wired in the bunk with friends or paralysed with dread chained to the furniture, this album chose a befitting sobriquet to unveil to us some of the brilliance of Wound.

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