An Instance of Rising/Liminoid by Aidan Baker

Release date: April 10, 2020
Label: Gizeh Records

Have you ever thought about how music helps our mental health?

Music arrives at our ears in waves and slowly travels across our whole body. It affects our mood and it influences our mind: we travel with music, we go back to memories tied to that particular song, it let us hope for the future and feel the nostalgia of a time we have never lived. Time becomes elastic and your present everywhere.

Aidan Baker has the power to deliver music with an exceptional cathartic power; he guides us in our inner world which is full of resources we often forget as we are too busy following the rhythm of the big cities we live in. In this difficult time, when we can’t access that world, Gizeh Records offered us a recipe to overcome the stress of the challenging condition of the lockdown by releasing two beautiful, unique, long-form, contemporary classical pieces, written by Aidan Baker and performed by two different orchestras in Poland and Latvia. Such a good way to escape the external world and rediscover our inner space. In the end, as Sally Rooney beautifully wrote in the novel Normal People, “Life is the thing you bring with you inside your own head”.

Aidan Baker is among the most prolific artists I’ve ever heard about – he is best known for his drone duo Nadja but he also released several albums with other musicians such as Tim Hecker and Thisquietarmy. Not to mention all the solo albums he has composed or his beautiful poetry collections such as Passing Through where he explores the psychology of artistic expression or The Adventures of Me & You.

From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Aidan Baker with An Instance of Rising/Liminoid gave us two beautiful classical compositions that let us take a break, stop our incessant and often negative mental chatter and powerfully shift our state of mind.

The first piece of the release, ‘An Instance of Rising’, was performed in Krakow in 2017 with the Spółdzielnia Muzyczna orchestra. It’s a brilliantly paced composition that solicit a dialogue with yourself and invade you with a strong sense of being present that makes you feel good. It’s minimal, delicate music with peaceful and slow waves of sounds that can be likened to the flow of a soothing ocean.

The second piece, ‘Liminoid’, originally performed with Pram and Tim Hecker, is here performed with the Riga Sinfonietta Orchestra at the Zemlika festival. ‘Liminoid’ is moody and melancholic, it’s that blanket you feel the need to be wrapped in. Unexpectedly its crescendo lets you sail away into some colorful spaciousness that’s so comforting. The violin touches are a work of art and the dynamics are gentle. Towards the end it becomes calm again and you feel your breath, your muscles, your whole body. The final chorus encourage you to sweep away every dark thought and focus on the present and on yourself. It’s just beautiful and I can’t find other words to describe it without being repetitive.

Create a relaxed setting, lower the lights, put on An Instance of Rising/Liminoid and enjoy the pleasure of being touched by art.

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