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Hi everyone, I’m Daniela, from Rome.I’m an engineer, I love painting and photography but I do prefer to define myself as a post-rock, ambient, electronic, trip hop and down-tempo girl. In the end music is what I am, everything else is what I do.I go to work with my favorite band t-shirts under formal dresses, I have so many band t-shirts that I don’t have enough days to use all of them, I collect vinyl and living in a well assorted book and music shop would be a dream.I travel a lot for work reason and wherever I go I look for good gigs. Someone said that there’s no happiness if you do not share it; and good music is one of those things that must be shared; that’s why I love ech(((o)))es and dust.

Articles by Daniela Patrizi

Einaudi – 12 Songs From Home

Life is about change but with Ludovico Einaudi’s music the alteration is fundamental.

Aidan Baker – An Instance of Rising/Liminoid

Create a relaxed setting, lower the lights, put on An Instance of Rising/Liminoid and enjoy the pleasure of being touched by art.

Maserati – Enter The Mirror

Maserati return in style with a monumental accomplishment. By Daniela Patrizi

Tomorrow We Sail – The Shadows

It’s so hard to find nowadays such a perfect blend of post rock, modern classical, folk elements and orchestral strings. The Shadows is an uplifting journey and a rare thing to hear.

Esmerine – Mechanics Of Dominion

Mechanics of Dominion is a marvellous release and when it gets you with its overwhelming concept and brilliant execution you can’t help but play it again.

Watter – History of the Future

History of the Future is not easy listening. Give it a go and get involved. You’ll love it.

Blueneck – The Outpost

With The Outpost Blueneck surpass expectations and mark another evolutionary step. Whatever you are doing, whenever you are, allow yourself to truly feel this record.


Experiencing Wonds is like walking in a dark woodland and on repeat listens the album will get stuck in your head and the world around you gradually becomes darker and more uncertain. By Daniela Patrizi

True Widow – Avvolgere

With ‘Avvolgere’ True Widow share something new that is a vibe of restless darkness served in the softest way. You’ll be completed trapped in their loop. – By Daniela Patrizi

Opeth – Sorceress

‘Sorceress’ doesn’t have the heavy dynamics of their earlier work, but it’s an amazing, virtuosic record and a vast improvement over the previous two releases. – By Daniela Patrizi

Syndrome – Forever and a Day

Through ‘Forever and a Day’ Syndrome talks directly to your heart. It’s a one to one relationship, between you and the artist, you and the music, you and yourself. – By Daniela Patrizi

Clara Engel – Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss

Visitors Are Allowed One Kiss is an entrancing album whose depth prevents it from being immediately accessible but it generously rewards the time invested in it. By Daniela Patrizi

Jherek Bischoff – Cistern

Cistern is an absolutely stunning collection of songs and its nuances change at every listening. Get familiar with it and to start imprinting your own canvas. By Daniela Patrizi

EF / Tiny Fingers – Vāyu

‘Vāyu’ is an excellent cooperation between two bands that are different at so many levels and a reward for both the artists and the listeners. – By Daniela Patrizi

Envoys – Bliss

The nine tracks and 46 minutes of Bliss will immerse you in an atmosphere where relaxation, excitement and anxiety alternate themselves leaving you speechless. By Daniela Patrizi

Amenra – Alive

Dark and moody, sad and beautiful, strong and fragile, the acoustic works of Amenra are an incredible achievement, that grow on you with every listen. Let ‘Alive’ embrace you, get lost in it and you’ll feel more alive than you’ve ever felt. – By Daniela Patrizi

Luke Howard – Two Places

Two Places is a mesmerizing collection of minimalist piano pieces. By Daniela Patrizi

yndi halda – Under Summer

Under Summer is pure intimacy. yndi halda provide you with the freedom to shape their sound according to your mood. By Daniela Patrizi

Ovtrenoir – Eroded

They make their own style that’s unique and refreshing and for sure Ovtrenoir can be acclaimed as one of the most promising post-metal/sludge bands in Europe. – By Daniela Patrizi

CHVE – Rasa

Invest yourself in this sonic journey and the reward is guaranteed. Colin H. van Eeckhout (CHVE) creates a real experience that plays with psyche on very primordial levels. His music gets into your skin and doesn’t abandon you. – By Daniela Patrizi

Maserati – Rehumanizer

The new Maserati formula of synth, groove and space rock is the band’s most eclectic experiment that simply works. By Daniela Patrizi

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