Eight Days Across America by Grapefruit Sound Lab

Release date: September 25, 2020
Label: Diggers Factory

Based on ‘Eight Days Across America,’ Robert Cotnoir aka Grapefruit Sound Lab (GSL) is certainly not an artist afraid of taking risks. Oh, and you can call him an artist because doing such genre-hopping as he does on this album with ease and still combining it with socially conscious messages definitely requires you to be an artist, even if you make slip-ups.


The thing though is, that on this album Cotnoir makes no slip-ups, even if you expect them. You see, GSL musically starts the album with what you can call ‘a standard EDM’ track. But that is only for a few bars. As the song progresses, Cotnoir and his wide cast of guests start weaving in elements that couldn’t fall into the category of standard, and you get the impression that the souls of LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and that of Nile Rogers have had its play in here. Oh, and a few other tracks too. But then, without a single notice, on ‘Ave Maria’ Cotnoir basically goes to church with some choral moves, which slowly turn into an Underworld variation.

And that shift back and forward continues throughout the album. From some perfect dance floor material (with style) to shooting off into some completely different direction. Like string-driven folk of ‘Dum Dum Guns’, It turns Eight Days Across America into some sort of a musical layered cake that keeps giving more flavors as you go along. What is most important is that those flavors, no matter how improbable, do mix. Add to all that, lyrically, the eight tracks of the album do make a trek across today’s America. And the picture looks like…

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