Trillionaire are a band who play sweeping progressive rock with both a dark and anthemic feeling to create massive and focussed songs. The band features current and former members of bands such as Inter Arma, Revocation, Ken Mode and A Fucking Elephant and they bring a vast range of experience and talent to the bands sound.

Trillionaire’s debut album Romulus is a vast and sprawling record and Echoes and Dust are proud to bring you the world premiere of the bands new album which is out on Friday 29th January through Nefarious Industries.

In addition to that we also have an exclusive track by track rundown from Trillionaire vocalist and lyricist Renee Fontaine who talks us through each of the songs on the album.

Romulus was engineered by Mikey Allred (Inter Arma, Yautja) at Dark Art Audio in Nashville, with the vocals recorded by John Taft at New Alliance in Boston. The record was mixed by Matt Bayles at Red Room (Mastodon, ISIS, Nine Inch Nails), mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering (Pearl Jam, Caspian, Minus The Bear), and complemented with stunning artwork/visuals by multimedia artist Josh Graham (Jay-Z, Madonna, Soundgarden).

Check out Romulus and be prepared to be swept away by their hypnotic and anthemic music.

Trillionaire – Romulus. Track By Track:

The Golden Goat

I have never cut someone out of my life due to addiction though I have learned in my own experience to maintain a distance. They are not the person you once knew. They have a poison running through them. I suppose that is where the spider feast metaphor came from. I cannot help but to see the one battling addiction as being in a chrysalis state, getting bled by their monster.

Dead By 25

Although most of my subject matter is bleak, I do not consider myself a pessimist. If empathy does not come across in the lyrics, then that is due to the shortcomings of my abilities as a poet, not a lack of understanding for the suffering of my subjects. I do believe love is the one thing that can save us, however, it may come in a form that we might not recognize as love.


Life began underwater. It will end there as well. The earth itself does not care one way or another.

Yes, Mistress

This song is inspired more by the post-copulation act of suicide performed by the males of certain species of insect and spider than it is by a sub/dom dynamic in sexual relations.

Temple Of Mercy

We always tend to look back on the tumultuous years of our youth with longing. We all would like to return to a golden age. There never was one.

One In The Chamber

The basic idea of ‘One In The Chamber’ just came like a leaf floating down. A world where Russian Roulette is the international pastime, and the game’s great champion cannot lose and wants death on death’s terms. One wonders when, as a society, we welcome death back into our spectator sports. I hope that I am long gone by then.

We Are The Devil

‘We Are The Devil’ was written in response to one of the innumerable mass shootings. So innumerable that I cannot recall which one it was. Man is capable of an evil far worse than those attributed to the demons conjured up by men. We are, in fact, the monster we most dread.

Northern Lights

A gothic love story written in the style of Ozark poet Frank Stanford. I will always opt for leaving crucial pieces of the narrative out of a lyric. It adds so much.

Band photo by Jeremy Saffer.

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