2020 has been one of the worst years in recent history: a global pandemic with deadly outcomes, hateful police brutality leading to the deaths of countless black people, and a wack conspiracy theory about a satanic, pederast network of the elite which further derailed society.

These circumstances have been a direct inspiration for the Rat Licker 7” by Dead Neanderthals. Rat Licker is a scorching 12-tracks-in-9-minutes record that not only reminds us of the early days of Dead Neanderthals, but also of classic bands like Naked City and Painkiller. Frenzied saxophone squealing and coked-up punk rhythms are joined in unholy matrimony to drill a hole in your skull.

To emphasize that not all has been lost in 2020, the 7” is brought to you by a collective of like-minded record labels and distributors that want to operate in unity to show that together we can achieve much more than alone. Rat Licker is brought to you by: Utech Records (US), God Unknown Records (UK) Sentencia Records (ES), Burning World Records (NL), EveryDayHate (PL)Moving Furniture Records (NL), Consouling Sounds (BE), Saw-Whet Distro (CA)and Dead Neanderthals (NL)


Dead Neanderthals is:
Otto – saxophone
Rene – drums

Ratlicker is released on April 2, 2021 and is available on vinyl and for download via Bandcamp.

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