_ _ _ _ _ _ by Agvirre

Release date: January 28, 2022
Label: Trepanation Recordings / Surviving Sounds / Through Love Recs

With the volume of music being released it is always insane to find artists that manage to take sounds already familiar and stamp their own mark in the genre. Manchester collective Agvirre (pronounced Akira but with a ‘g’ instead of a ‘k’) has a good record of standing out in a crowded field and with new release _ _ _ _ _ _ (pronounced HIDDEN) it has taken that to the next level. It is testament to the band that a kitchen sink worth of genres has been put together so memorably and in the digital world of endless bands Agvirre continues to find a corner that feels unique.


There are a couple of genre backbones apparent in the two longer tracks with Sunbather era Deafheaven shimmering in the blackgaze aspects but the tracks are far more adventurous than that one sound. Opening track ‘Urtica In Glass’ has post-black metal, black metal, shoe and blackgaze, post-rock, mid 2000’s Enslaved style progressive black metal, trumpets, audio clips, impassioned devilish screams and synths. Whilst that sounds as abrasive as tectonic plates meeting, Agvirre makes the transitions as smoothly as the surface of a pond on a calm summer’s day.

‘For El Dorado, Whenever I May Find You’ shines in a more positive light musically but the vocal screams of Frenchie are always there to slash anguish and despair through the glimmering gaze of the guitar. As with ‘Urtica In Glass’ there are chunks of extremely memorable musical glory and the only criticism I could possibly make is I already can’t wait to hear more.

CD/Casette – Trepanation Recordings
Vinyl (UK) – Surviving Sounds
Vinyl (Europe) – Through Love Rec.

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