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Bruxa Maria are back on their third full length; be grateful. Build Yourself A Shrine And Pray is 45 minutes of pummelling, punishing fury as unrelenting and all-consuming as your anger at coming up short for the rent.

The new record finds the band just as enraged as their 2016 debut, while continuing to evolve artistically. Bruxa Maria’s huge bass and guitar, frantic drums, and banshee shrieking vocals build tension with few moments of release, the frenzy sometimes dissolving into feedback, static, and synth drones.

Often the riffs have a swagger that makes you want to dance, and in a few places there are flashes of some genuinely pretty melodies and hooks. Those moments all shine through for just an instant before being shredded by the noise and wrath, torn apart flower petals under a line of razor wire.

This is dark music about and against a darkening world, where anger and art are crucial to how we keep on keeping on. You can call it now, this is going to be the best record of 2023.

(Words by Nate Holdren)

Build Yourself A Shrine And Pray will be released on January 27th through Riot Season Records and is available for pre-order through here. Check out the new video for ‘God Gun Scruples’ here:


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