Never Sleep EP by Paul Feder

Release date: June 30, 2023
Label: Aion Records

Brooklyn these days remains one of the key hubs for modern, sophisticated electronic pop, and Paul Feder’s current EP Never Sleep, gives some extra arguments to that fact.

As a producer and a DJ who grew up in the eighties, Feder is quite obviously one of those artists weaned on the electronica classics like the Kraftwerk or Yellow Magic Orchestra, those artists that based their music on more complex thinking processes without excluding those pop elements that make people listen or take them to a dance floor.


All that seems to be infused in this three-song EP that Feder conceived in the last few years. Taking a bit more time to refine these songs just shows the meticulousness with which Feder approaches the composing and recording process, something that can be easily heard here.

Feder doesn’t actually use direct musical quotes, but picks up tiny strands of other’s music and then arranges them in a manner that he sees fit, something that brings that key element of originality to his ‘thinking man’s electronica.

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