Disharmonium – Nahab by Blut Aus Nord

Release date: August 25, 2023
Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Well, sometimes you get your hands on an album that at first you really don’t know how to deal with. Second, you don’t want to give up lobotomising the new album of the French avant-garde black metal band Blut Aus Nord to the last fibre. Disharmonium – Nahab is the second part of the Disharmonium cycle with eruptions of H.P. Lovecraft inspired toxic fumes. After a couple of listens we had no clue where this album would lead us to.

To be honest, even as a respectful Blut Aus Nord fan we can’t deny that our listening comfort was tested deeply. Nahab is an album drenched in darkness with complex lower tuned (sometimes disturbing overmodulated) and edgy guitar riffs which tattoo the eardrums with scars of experimental explorations. The first part of Nahab spews a mysterious mist of horrifying sound constructions with gargling vocals and contradictive drum patterns.

After a dozen listens (at different kinds of places) this gruesome Blut Aus Nord hive reveals itself as a deep layered auditive labyrinth. The atmosphere moves more to enigmatic realms during thesecond part of the album due to more vocal chords and hypnotising repetitive guitar parts. The absorption of Nahab evokes a twisted mood with two choices, rejection or surrender. Band Members W.D. Feld (drums, electronica, keyboards), Vindsval (guitar, vocals) and GhÖst (bass) are responsible for a sonic outer world of nightmares which will test the body and soul of their audience.

Blut Aus Nord made us doubt but patience is a virtue that will help consuming Nahab. And yes we’ve surrendered completely to this phenomenal psychedelic avant-garde black metal monster.

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