Breathe In... Breathe Out by Sunsick Daisy

Release date: November 24, 2023
Label: Self-Released

Sunsick Daisy is an Adelaide-based Australian group who flirts with dream pop and shoegaze. There are swells of gentle hazy dream pop and louder bursts of noisy gaze. The band has dealt with mental health and insecurities and has spun those issues into deftly rendered skeins of golden dream pop. ‘Away From Me’ overtly describes these struggles, albeit with a bright, shiny melodic overlay. ‘Faith’ is a stunning piece. From Sarah’s heavenly vocal turn to the cleanly produced guitar passages that turn to more energy near the end, this one is gorgeous.

‘I’m Coming Home’ is an open emotional wound, somewhat cauterized by swells of gentle guitar. Sarah has an especially sweet but heartbreaking vocal on this tune. Listen closely, for there is much to explore. Then we get to the sugar-amped noisy rush of ‘Underwater’, once again underscored by sadness. The vocal mix is way up front, and is a gut punch to the senses. Terrific song! The final song ‘I’m Fine’ is hard-hitting shoegaze, and this time Sarah’s voice is behind the wall of sound. Yet, you can still hear the words perfectly well, no doubt a result of some really good production. This EP is easy to like, and I highly recommend this debut release from this young, talented group.

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