Lost In The Future by Zanov

Release date: October 21, 2023
Label: Patch Work Music

Back in the early seventies the music created by electronic pioneers like Tangerine Dream, (early) Popol Vuh, and others, came as a bit of a surprise, gaining immense popularity at the same time.

Through the decades, electronic music went in so many diverse directions, that those early pioneers and their music were somehow in the shadows.

French artist Zanov can actually be counted among these pioneers, as he started doing electronic music as far back as 1975 when he created his own studio and released three ‘classic’ electronic albums.


But, then, Zanov went on a 30-year hiatus, only resuming his recording career in 2014, with Lost In The Future becoming his latest effort.

While there was an immense development in electronic instruments, the sounds Zanov creates on this album hark back to those of the earlier days of electronic music on one hand, transposing them into today and the future at the same time.

As an artist who has scientific training, Zanov has ample capabilities to understand what the electronic instruments he uses can produce and is able to present “the convergence of technological advancements and human experience,” as he puts it here, sounding both ‘classic’ and ‘futuristic’ at the same time.

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