Much Unseen Is Also Here by Lustmord

Release date: March 15, 2024
Label: Pelagic Records

If you want darkness, Lustmord will give you as much darkness as you can handle with his latest album Much Unseen Is Also Here. Born and raised from the industrial scene of the 1980s, Brian Williams began designing sound compositions that made him one of the pioneers of dark ambient music. During his forty-year career, Williams released several stunning solo albums and contributed to film, television and video game soundscapes as a composer and sound designer.

Does the dark ambient master have anything new to say? To be honest, not at all, but his creativity to produce murky sound panoramas is still at its peak in our opinion. Much Unseen Is Also Here leads us to a desolate and mysterious sound world where unearthly and alienated soundscapes are released from our own planet Earth. The compressed eerie sound clouds take the listener into a cavernous world where light has no existence. Williams adds etheric chords and voices to his haze of darkness which sublimate into mind-blowing dystopian atmospheres.


Lustmord knows perfectly to fuse old school clichés like chiming bells, echoes and wind effects into his soundtrack of creepy electronic murmur. This professional rehashing of sound structures has been worked out in such detail that we get the feeling we are really listening to something completely new. Williams generates with this album (again) a stunning imaginary world of dreariness where the sense of time mutates into a transcending listening trip. Much Unseen Is Also Here is a suffocating sound journey that pushes the inertia factor into a conflicting understanding.

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