Interview: Mutilation Barbecue

I see our music as an advancement of friendship and character as opposed to say “leveling up”. We just do what we wanna do and that's that.

Cleveland, Ohio death metal unit Mutilation Barbecue have just released their debut full length album Amalgamations Of Gore on Maggot Stomp records and it is packed with full of classic brutally violent gore laden metal that will satisfy any lover of death metal in its most savage form. Gavin Brown caught up with Mutilation Barbecue drummer Harrison Good, who gave an insight into the world of Mutilation Barbecue and Amalgamations Of Gore as well as waxing lyrical about death metal and music from Ohio.

E&D: Your new album Amalgamations Of Gore has just been released. Are you happy now the album is out?

Harrison: We are glad the process is over for sure. We had to go through a lot of bullshit to get here and we are just ready to move on to the next task and just do better! Nonetheless its a huge breathe of fresh air for us and cant wait to see where it goes.

E&D: As well as you brutal death metal in the Mutilation Barbecue sound, this album features more melodic and technical elements. Was this something you’ve wanted to explore for while with your music?

Harrison: Nick brought me the Xeno riff and I was like,” Wow that’s different” and we just rolled with it. I really enjoy that song due to that fact. It is not a quote on quote “ass beater” but damn that song vibes hard. So yes it is something that we will continue to explore and see where it goes.

E&D: Do you feel that Amalgamations Of Gore is a big step up from your self-titled debut?

Harrison: Yes and no, I think it’s different. The EP is more of an old school death metal vibe compared to our more brutal/hardcore approach on Amalgamations Of Gore. It’s solely opinion based. Personally, I enjoy this record more than the EP but I’m also biased. I see our music as an advancement of friendship and character as opposed to say “leveling up”. We just do what we wanna do and that’s that.

E&D: Did you feel any pressure making this album as it is technically your debut album?

Harrison: We definitely felt pressure. More uncertainty than anything. A lot of shit happened behind the scenes that caused it though. Pressure from the public, not so much. At the end of the day this is our first band that is actually ours. So it was a huge learning experience for all of us.

E&D: Are the lyrics on the songs on Amalgamations Of Gore the sickest you’ve done to date?

Harrison: Definitely the sickest lyrics. So much so we are actively getting Chris mental health treatment as we speak. Haha!

E&D: Can you tell us about the artwork for Amalgamations Of Gore and who created it?

Harrison: Colter Masson did the artwork for Amalgamations Of Gore and damn are we happy with the product. We found him through his work with Nuclear Remains and I instantly fell in love with his surrealist style. We literally just told him to incorporate some songs into the piece and he did just that. With skin being displayed to the alien tribe to guts being eaten he did a fantastic job and couldn’t be happier with the product.


E&D: What are your favourite metal album covers ever?

Harrison: Dude there are so many. Off the top of my head I really dig the following…

Suffocation – Effigy of the Forgotten and Human Waste
Death – Spiritual Healing and Human
Cryptopsy – None So Vile
Autopsy – Mental Funera
Sanguisuggabogg – Pornographic Seizures
Anthrax – Spreading the Disease
Slayer – Divine Intervention and Reign In Blood

There’s so much great art that I definitely missed but this is off the dome.

E&D: What death metal albums have had the biggest impact on you in your life? 

Harrison: While I can’t speak for everyone else, I could easily say some of the biggest influences for me have been….

Death – Human
Sanguisuggabogg – Homicidal Ecstasy
Defeated Sanity – Passages Into Disformity
Deicide – S/T
Dying Fetus – Wrong One to Fuck With

E&D: Who are the biggest influences on the sound of Mutilation Barbecue?

Harrison: I’d say at the time Nick definitely pulled a lot of influence from Death and Cannibal Corpse when it comes to some of the riffs.

E&D: What is life like on Maggot Stomp Records?  

Harrison: Its a lavish lifestyle involving millions upon millions of dollars. Each band member has a yacht and a Bugatti. Just kidding. Its honestly pretty chill. He doesn’t harass us about meeting deadlines and is a really laid back dude to work with.

E&D: How did your recent live shows with Feticide go and did you play a lot of new material at the shows?

Harrison: The shows went off.  Those are our straight homies. I’m actually their drummer now but we have known them forever by now so it’s always great ripping gigs with them. We also changed our setlist to display newer songs. Great reception, great crowds. Couldn’t complain at all.

E&D: What live shows have you got coming up that you can tell us about?

Harrison: Well, it’s not announced yet but we officially booked our longest tour ever. It has 2 legs and about a month and some change long. It’s gonna be an Amalgamations Of Gore release tour. Keep a lookout. Besides that we are playing some shows with BodyBox on the way to CS’Jam and just got a show in Chicago with this sick ass brutal slam band called Torture.

E&D: What has been the craziest thing that has happened at a Mutilation Barbecue show?

Harrison: Some dude in Fort Wayne made it rain on us like we were strippers. We played a break down and he literally just threw money at us. Sickest part is that he let us keep it. It was like 80 bucks. If you’re reading this, I love you.

E&D: How was the experience of touring with Gates to Hell and Hanging Fortress and what were the highlights of those runs?

Harrison: Dude, it was awesome, it was our first tour and such an enlightening experience for all of us. I fell in love with the lifestyle after. Gored Embrace was also on the tour. All of those bands are truly great people. Gates To Hell didn’t do the whole thing but they were on the lower end of the run. A highlight would definitely be the first CS’Jam. Maul was on it, Livid, Sentenced 2 Die and other bands. It was a great show with great people and wouldn’t change it for the world.

E&D: Which bands have you loved playing shows with the most?

Harrison: This is hard. We played with so many bands that we genuinely enjoy as people and music. Id hate to leave anyone out but obviously Feticide, Maul, Atomic Witch (most underrated band in Cleveland) Sanfu (practically our dads) Sanguisuggabogg, Mutilatred, Innoculation, Frog Mallet, Exganguiated, Flesher (also our dads) and Metallica.

E&D: With Mutilation Barbecue and bands like Sanguisugabogg, Mutilatred and 200 Stab Wounds, is the extreme metal scene in Cleveland at the moment an exciting place to be?  

Harrison: We are blessed with the music scene we have here in Cleveland. Same goes to Columbus. Full of not only great bands but also great people.

E&D: What other newer Cleveland bands would you recommend to check out?

Harrison: There are so many bands that aren’t popular enough that deserve a lot more recognition. Such as Atomic Witch, Necrombie, Noxis, Limbsplitter, Cleansing Humanity, and Mulciber.

E&D: Mutilation Barbecue and 200 Stab Wounds both formed from the band Subtype Zero, was that band a good breeding ground for what’s happening now in Cleveland metal?

Harrison: I wouldn’t say that band caused a massive ripple in the underground. It’s all a cause and effect kinda thing. We have always had great metal and I’m sure it would continue without Subtype Zero. I can say though that without that band Mutilation Barbecue may have not been a band at all. Shoutout Steve Buhl.

E&D: Who are your favourite ever bands to come from Ohio?

Harrison: Some of my favorite bands to come out of Ohio would be Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, Kid Cudi, Bone n Thugs, Sanguisuggabogg, Mutilatred, Embalmer, Regurgitation, Dean Martin, Isley Brothers, and most likely a lot more but these are off the top of my head.

E&D: What are your go-to foods to cook on a barbecue?

Harrison: Arms and legs. Clean cut. 98% lean meat. I also really like a brisket.

Photo by Ed Battes

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