Charlie Floyd

I’m Charlie, and just like everyone else on here I’m into music a little too much.

My love for music formed at an early age: I remember taking copy of Surrender by the Chemical Brothers to a primary school disco shortly after it had been released. I’d proudly stuck a sticker on the cover with my name written on in the messy handwriting of a nine year old; a resolute attempt to protect the precious album from loss. The CD lay unused for the event, and instead the almost simultaneously released pop classics S Club Party and Steptacular were favoured. My parents played a large part in the shaping of my musical tastes too – I still vividly remember dancing around the house to my dad’s Beefheart records at a similar age.

Over the years my music tastes have expanded dramatically, getting slowly darker and more experimental while doing so. My habit of forcing any music that I’m currently listening to on people (even if it’s wildly inappropriate) led me to explore music writing; I figured written material would be more acceptable than perpetually raving about a new free jazz album or noise release to a confused friend.

I also make ambient/drone music under the moniker Postrdome, and it was through this project that I got involved in the site.





Articles by Charlie Floyd

Biscuit Mouth – Doing it Right and Doing it Well

Doing it Right and Doing it Well is a short-lived burst of dark, acrimonious noise that doesn’t let up once throughout its running length. Relying only on drums, vocals, and a 3 string hybrid bass/guitar the two piece merge noisy blues riffs with math rock rhythms to produce a wholly distinct sound; landing sonically somewhere between The Jesus Lizard and Bitch Magnet. By Charlie Floyd

Plain Ride – Skeleton Kites

Skeleton Kites is a distinct and fantastically put together album from a band that should be much better known than they are. By Charlie Floyd

Matthew Swinnerton – Lampenfieber

“Intimate and unassuming” – by Charlie Floyd

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