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I’m a freelance writer/blogger that started doing reviews nine years ago. I’m a fan of Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, and Jazz Rock. Also a musician for 20 years. Music has been my friend since listening to the Beatles when I was a little boy. It wasn’t until I discovered Pink Floyd 20 years ago and it changed my life. Geek also, but the Progressive genre has still kept me going from day one. And there’s no stop sign for me. I also have a blog site in which I also do reviews since 2008 entitled, Music from the Other Side of the Room.

Articles by Zachary Nathanson

Sonar with David Torn and J. Peter Schwalm – Three Movements

Cross-rhythmic beats have kept the clock ticking very rapidly by lending in a terrifying universe that is shocking, intense, and right in your face.

The Moody Blues – To Our Children’s Children’s Children: 50th Anniversary Edition

It’s one hell of a ride that’ll put you through the incredible sights and sounds from the Moody Blues.

Crown Lands – Fearless

Crown Lands are the band to watch out for. They took the levels up to a maximum, and made it, more powerful.

Solstein – Solstein

36 minutes of this bad boy is all you need to keep your energy levels up. Holm-Lupo has cooked up more strange experiments inside his laboratory. And Solstein is a fantastic joy ride.

Glen Matlock – Consequences Coming

If you think Roger Waters is the angriest, Matlock takes it a step further by bringing in a shitload of heavy ammunition and machine gun fire.

Emma Ruth Rundle – Engine of Hell: Live at Roadburn 2022

Emma’s compositions don’t just simply move you, they hold onto you for dear life.

Ring Van Möbius – Commissioned Works Pt II: Six Drops of Poison

Like something out of Tangerine Dream’s book doing music for the play Oedipus Tyrannus in 1974, Möbius has really upped their game with the Six Drops of Poison, waiting to engage on all maximum levels.

Sonny Rollins with Heikki Sarmanto Trio – Live at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki 1972

The music from this show has the magic, the beauty, and the structure. It proved that Rollins and the Sarmanto trio, are bringing all of these ingredients to the performance that summer.

Zan Zone – Start Where You Stand

They’ve turned it into a scrambled leftover meal by leaving it in the refrigerator, uneaten, untouched, and making it, a disorientated jumble.

Fenella – The Metallic Index

This here is a story done right with Ullah, Philipson, and Weaver at top of their game.

PJEV, Kit Downes, and Hayden Chisholm – Medna Roso

The way it’s presented, it may be unsettling, but the whole movement is quite spellbinding from start to finish.

Echoes of the Past: Black Sabbath – Live Evil (Super Deluxe)

If you’re very new to Sabbath after discovering the Ozzy-era and want to embark on the Dio years, this is the one that is highly recommended.

Motorpsycho – Yay!

They let their fans know that their more than just a heavy, psychedelic band. But they proved themselves that they also have a softer side as well. It might divide a line in the sand, but that’s for another time.

Various Artists – Launch300 (Rocket Recordings Compilation)

If you’re very new to the Rocket label, this here is an incredible compilation to get you going.

Genesis – BBC Broadcasts

If you want to do a BBC box set, you might want to release the entire sessions as a massive set, not just cherry pick classics.

Echoes of the Past: Andrew Gold – The Fraternal Order of the All: Greetings from Planet Love

Throughout the passages of time, Andrew Gold’s fraternity is worth exploring.

AVKRVST – The Approbation

AVKRVST never disappointed me. All in all, there’s not a single bad track on this album.

The Fierce And The Dead – News From The Invisible World

The Fierce And The Dead have come back with even more electricity that’s running inside their veins, and getting more pumped-up to surprise fans on what to expect in the weeks to come.

Clara Engel – Sanguinaria

Sanguinaria takes you into this mysterious parallel universe of folk-like songs with a haunting passageway.

Einar Solberg – 16

16 is one of those debuts that just grabs your spine, and it’ll have you holding on for dear life.

De Forbandede – Menneske

Menneske may take a while to get into, but the way that De Forbandede have handled this bad boy, is to prove listeners on how real good music is supposed to be done from start to finish.

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