Interview: Dream Wife

Balancing highly functional relationships with close friendships is something we have had to manage for a long while and for us communication and understanding is key.

(((o))): Hi I hope you’re all well! I know you mostly met and formed the band after studying at art school in Brighton. What was the driving force behind starting the band?

Alice: We were all studying different forms of art at the time, being taught what is or isn’t good art, graded on that, finding a disconnect from fine art, turning to music and community as a way of questioning the status quo and forging out own creative path where the rules were ours to make. There was something incredibly liberating about starting Dream Wife while studying at art school, it was allowed to just be really fun and didn’t have to fit into a box creatively, aesthetically or sonically. It was our art school- rebel baby.

(((o))): Are you using any of your creative skills aside from music during lockdown? I heard about Bella doing some album related painting.

Alice: We all definitely find solace in the creative space, during these unknown times. Bella and I have been singing together in our garden with an acoustic guitar. It feels good to stand together in music especially when the prospect of a rock show anytime in the near future is unlikely.


(((o))): Where are you all isolating at the moment?

Alice: Myself and Bella live in SE London and are isolating at our home. Luckily we have all the Dream Wife gear here so we can still have a jam!

(((o))): Do you guys play any other musical instruments, apart from what you play in the band?

Alice: I play clarinet, used to be in the school orchestra but rocking out with electric guitars is a lot more fun.

Bella: Not really but what does it mean to play an instrument? I could probably have fun with any I could get my hands on even if it doesn’t sound great.

(((o))): Do you have a drummer or use loops? If you do, I was wondering why they are so elusive?

Alice: We have an amazing drummer called Alex Pavely. He is a man of mystery and also one of our best friends. We have a great energy with him in the writing room and at the live shows, he is very much a part of the living breathing live manifestation of Dream Wife.

(((o))): I love your single ‘Sports!’ and the video that goes with it, can you tell me a little about the concept for the song and the video you did for that?

Alice: We directed the video to Sports! Earlier this year and had quite a clear vision of its sense of fun and statement. Sport itself has such a macho heritage, and the vibe for the video was really about subverting that. Every game at once and everyone cheering for each other and winning forever, absurd and OTT visuals felt right with the high energy track. It’s unapologetic and cheeky, hopefully empowering for people to do things on their own terms.

(((o))): You clearly have a very strong relationship as friends and creatives how do you balance this?

Alice: Having spent a long time on the road touring our first record, we are definitely like this little rock sisterhood, there is trust and understanding, you get a sensitivity to each others boundaries or if someone just needs a hug. Balancing highly functional relationships with close friendships is something we have had to manage for a long while and for us communication and understanding is key. At the core of this operation there is a lot of love, care and gratitude that we get to engage in this amazing project together.

(((o))): I saw you also recently started a podcast. What are you aiming to do with that?

Alice: Yes! We were having conversations with friends and collaborators over the past year or so and acknowledged that they were the kind of conversations we all would have actually really benefited from hearing when we were teens. Normalising women, trans, non-binary people in the creative industries is the conversation we want to use our platform to support. Hopefully series one will be an educational and inspiring resource to people.

(((o))): I know you also talk about offering advice for women starting in music, what is one piece of advice you can offer to them?

Alice: Believe in yourself.

(((o))): What can we expect from the rest of the album and the future of Dream Wife?

To continue using our platform to engage in and support the voices and causes that deserve to be heard.

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