Holographic by Jupiter Sprites

Release date: October 16, 2020
Label: Self-Released

These Olympia, Washington dream poppers created this debut album (closer to an EP in length) in the midst of a pandemic, a car accident, and two hospitalizations that nearly ended the band. But the creative process saved them by providing a sense of peace and jump-starting a fresh musical perspective that changed their sound a bit. The result is this gorgeous dream psych record that any band would be proud to call their own. The lush, sometimes somnolent tones are a surefire way to calm the nerves, much like a purring kitty or a cuddly doggo.

Opening track ‘Ocean of You’ nearly takes on a kosmische feel, reminding one of the otherworldly work by Portugal’s Beautify Junkyards. It is mesmerizing and blissed out. Wonderful! Principal songwriters Max Keena and Alicia Capp really know how to throw down an amazing musical tapestry, one which beckons like a siren song. Follow-up tune ‘A Radiant Eclipse’ is another head trip through the looking glass, and it’s like being lost in an amazing dream.


‘Feeeel’ bounces around seductively, with trippy backing vocals and a soft beat that will make you sway along to the music. Title track ‘Haunt’ has a main melody that reminds me of a lullabye set to music. The slow rhythm would make it a slow dance staple in an alternate universe. It brings various 90s musical outfits to mind, but nothing that jumps out at me. In other words, Jupiter Sprites fully inhabit their music rather than relying on influences to create their art. ‘Continue On’ is ethereal dream psych, and I am drugged by the mood it creates. It sets up one of those mind palaces where anything is possible.

‘Resolving Resound’ is disco/synth pop for the modern age, with Max taking the vocal lead. It meanders gently about like a slowly moving stream. Final track ‘Stakes’ is stunning, soothing, and is the perfect tune to end this musical suite. I am astonished and amazed that the band held things together and came out with this wonderful record. Highly recommended for all fans of soft psych and dream pop. 

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